Bounty Hunters

Good Enough


YHC garnered an early spot on the BH Q sign up just hours after the Red Carpet event and still had to wait till today.

Despite homestead proximity, YHC was nevertheless reduced to recon mode looking for those undiscovered nuggets of pain. As the Q, YHC is not a fan of the typical and ordinary but rather that ever exclusive diamond in the rough [though some may see it more as a hidden but disturbed rattler that, well, should be left undisturbed]. But that would be typical and ordinary for YHC, to find the path of utmost resistance, hardship, and difficulty.

As for resistance, hardship, and difficulty, YHC enjoyed some CSAUP #haveaniceday on Monday following #MURPH+20mi, relaxing, horizontal, and watching “Saving Private Ryan” for the umpteenth time. YHC is still brought to tears at the *******SPOILER ALERT******* end when the now elderly James Ryan is standing over Capt Miller’s grave, remembering his last words, “”James … earn this. Earn it.” And then reflects, asks, hopes, that his life was good enough. “Tell me I have led a good life. Tell me I’m a good man”.

Sometimes all one needs is a swift kick in the @$$ to make a change. In YHCs case it was “S.P.R.” following Callahan’s romantic-comic-tragedy from last Thursday, “1096 Days”.

That in conjunction with Tuesday’s #F3RushHour appearance from a handful of my Sunday School youth and our esteemed Padwan Youth Paster

With that said in Twitter format, 13 men, no FNGs and no Mini Me [who chose the easier of the #F3CARPEX DRP options today] were soon off following the arrival of #F3SourMash [fresh off his initiation last Saturday – Old Crow did not stick] on two wheels, literally, and #F3MonkeyNut planting second #F3Flag. Off to Baucum we head, 3 man Indian Run, with #F3RushHour flag at the lead, to be planted at Baucum.

With flag planted, YHC continues with the purpose of MISSION, leading the men through OYO good mornings, windmills, and imperial walkers while the pax share their children’s life stories [M Blue & Out is due July 21 with 3rd and M Rotary is due June 21 with 2nd] We finish with mountain climbers and choice stretches.

Time to move on.

Mosey to Hinton Hill. Despite the naysayers [Pet Sounds], there is a hill in Apex, quite nice if YHC does say so himself. It will be home to the…..COVFEFE, for lack of better term.

  • Run to bottom then 10 merkins
  • Backwards run to top then 10 burpees
  • Run to bottom then 10 merkins
  • Partner carry to top then 10 burpees
  • Run to bottom then 10 merkins
  • AYG to top then 10 burpees
  • Repeat the 3 rounds then pick up the 6
  • 10 more burpees added for good measure.

Mosey to Baucum to recover the flag, then Indian Run home

Mary led by Blue & Out, GTL, Lulu, Matlock, Rotary, [these guys need to step up to Q] and YHC



  • 6/2 GTL VQ@DP
  • 6/3 Mason/Dixon convergence at Pullen 6:30 am; pre-run at 5:30. Old Maid and YHC HC
  • 6/9 Barley Pops with Special Operations Survivors at Top of the Hill in Chapel Hill, $1 from all Barley Pops donated to SOS
  • 6/10 Churham converence at TBL with SOS
  • 6/17 F3Dads following Phoenix at 8 am. Note that it is the Senior Center garage sale, park in Community Center parking lot, meet at Kiosk. Shutty is your Q.
  • First week in August is VQ week
  • Men, gather FNG birth names and emails and get them signed up. YHC will be circulating a list [56 men + 20 MIAs]

Prayers were silent

YHC took us out focusing on MISSION:  Are you living your life the best that you can, for your wife and kids; for others, people that may have made sacrifices for you, for friends and peers that put their neck out for you, for God. Do you live with appreciation. Do you listen more carefully, speak with truth, and see clearly. Do you act faithfully, commit with genuine enthusiasm, love with passion, forgive with courage, serve with honor, and believe with faith. Lead a Good Life. Be a Good Man

I know I am not good enough. But living with more intentionality, focused on mission, I am better with the help of you men.


  • 13 men were experienced a good life, became better men
  • Mumble chatter a bit light this am.
  • Rotary, he may be just a few years removed from his college soccer days, but his wheels spin like a dremel.
  • Old Maid is more like an wet Old Mop. Dude needs some Mens Dry Protection
  • Shutty and Michelob killing it on the man carries.
  • Sour Mash, straight from the name, arrived on 2 wheels.
  • Blue & Out, GTL, Lulu, Matlock, and Rotary are near veterans. They should be initiated soon, eg, beyond VQ status.
  • 529 dollar cost averaged his way through this. Awesome, keep investing.


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