The Murph

CARPEx Murph 2017

This year marked the second time CARPEx held its own Memorial Day Murph, and its first as an official region. Last year at this time, the CARPEx/CAPEx naming discussion was still heated. If YHC recalled, Term Paper even had a shirt made up with CAPEx on one side and CARPeX on the other. Ah, those were the days. Apparently they are lost to history, as when the Backblast was searched for, it couldn’t be located on the site for a hyperlink. Lost to the archives of history.
Michelob, PBX, Hasslehoff, Tecumseh and YHC all met at 6:10 at Olive Chapel Elementary School for a little EC run of varying distances. Michelob rode his brakes hard enough that PBX was able to keep up. The others trailed out behind them up the greenway. On the way out, a miniature `Merkin Flag was planted along the greenway to mark the turnaround point for the Murph to be.

Upon returning to OCE, the 5 EC’ers were joined by 16 more, including Grinch who ran in solo for his own EC, and Banjo who rode in on his bike. All of the Monday Morning Site Q’s that care about CARPEx were in attendance. The others must have gone to their favorite AO’s or something. At 7:00am, YHC again read the Medal of Honor Citation to the gathered 21 PAX members. The story of Lt. Mike Murphy is a truly heroic one that you can read more about the in the excellent book Lone Survivor which was also made into a movie.

The PAX took off down the Greenway at a fellowship pace, conducive to mumble chatter. Some miscalculations were made and the run came up short and still had to do a lap around the playground. Then the business end of the Murph began (100 Pull-ups, 200 Pushups, and 300 Squats). Tecumseh and Chinese Downhill won the speed demon award. They even threw in a couple of extra sets while they waited for some brothers to finally finish with them for some plankorama, Shakiras, and some Mountain Climbers called by `Biner who was celebrating his one year Painaversary with F3. Once the whole crew finished up, we took off for the last mile run, picking up the mini-flag on the way back.

The PAX gathered for a quick photo and circled up for COT.

Mason Dixon Convergence next Sat at Pullen Park
Prayers for Health for Bartman’s FIL and Chinese Downhill’s Mom, as well as the Men and Women who have given their lives to protect the Freedom’s we hold dear.

Gatorade provided by Michelob and Hasslehoff.

The Murph leads itself, but it was a pleasure to be there with y’all.


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