I heard you like burpees.

20 PAX gathered in the unGloom this fine morning. 19 stayed for the disclaimer. 18 stayed for COT. All got better.

YHC had been traveling this past week, missing the PAX after a Monday post at A-Team, then a series of DIY adventures. Time to get back to business. Lucky me, I had time to scout and ponder with PBX before the workout today. Time under a log is always good for introspection.

Disclaimer given x2, and we’re off to the Community Center parking lot, with the Q mumbling something about sore calves. Maybe they’re just cranky.


SSH x20, GM x10, MC x20, Merekins x20, IW x15 to get the blood flowing.

Arm circles – forward x10 – hold it – overhead clap / seal clap to 30-count IC – hold it – cherry picker x20 IC – hold it – arm circles reverse x10 aaaand recover.


Follow me down the trail leading behind the community center. Stop at trail intersection. Burpees x10 OYO, squats x25 IC.

Follow me to next trail stopping point, where the trail brushes the back of the playground parking lot. 10 burpees OYO. 10 WW2 sit-ups. Partner up; speed matters (yet I ended up with Michelob??).

  • Partners run alternate directions around pickle. Meet up, 10 hand-clap merekins, continue run and do 10 more at the end of the circuit.
  • Repeato, but 10 partner derekins each man at halfway and end points.
  • Pretty sure we did another 10 burpees OYO. Because burpees.

Follow me to the next trail intersection near the lake. 10 burpees OYO and fond farewell to Pet Sounds. 25 flutter kicks IC.

Follow me to the parking lot by the boathouse, near the site of our recent picnicage. 10 burpees OYO.

Follow me to spillway rock pile. 10 burpees OYO.

Partner up (some readjustment necessary due to personnel changes), grab a rock from the snake pile. Doraline (that’s Dora’s Kentucky cousin who can’t count very high). As a team, complete 100 curls, 100 overhead press, 100 rock squats. Other partner charge up hill and do 5 burpees, then flapjack. Everyone got in at least 10 burpees here; 15 to the over-achievers.

Put your rocks back and say goodbye to Term Paper + 2.0 + 4-legged companion. Mosey on trail through woods, cross road and pause for 10 burpees OYO.

Mosey to start point. Attempt to find some shade at your own peril. 10 burpees OYO.

Finish up with American Hammer IC until 1:00:00 – which ended up being 40 IC.


  • Welcome FNGs Dexter (pathologist, visiting from DC area) and Sour Mash (from Kentucky; he thought Old Crow was a cool name, so we didn’t use it.)
  • Memorial Day. Work out, just differently.
  • South Wake / Carpex convergence next weekend at Pullen. (Seriously? Where’s Pullen Park?)
  • Prayers: Mississippi’s sister; HiLiter’s father and travel; a couple others that escape me. YHC took us out, as a TOC bus almost took us out. #thinkingahead


  • PBX and I met at 0600 to ruck, and dawdled a little bit but were off by 6:06 according to the fine folks at DARPA and their network of satellites. The phrase “where’s Callahan?” may have been spoken once or twice.
  • We found a log. A good one. A keeper. Seriously. You’ve gotta see it. And you will. Soon. Ruck workout audible; carry log back to start point.
  • On our way back in the parking lot, we crossed paths with Tecumseh. He’s trying to cut back on logs, apparently. #admittingisthefirststep
  • After depositing log in the woods (no, I mean literally), Callahan strolls into the parking lot wearing an awfully familiar-looking ruck. Indeed, it’s the extra I brought and left in my trunk. Life lesson: If you’re looking for an extra ruck, look in Bartman’s trunk.
  • Final burpee tally somewhere around 90. Man, that’s disappointing. CK was right, we should’ve run another 1/4 mile and done 10 more burpees. Next time.
  • Want more burpees? Sign up for the Charity Challenge.  Burpee Challenge goes live 6/1. Sign up now. You know you want to. Can you get to 5k in 3 months?

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