Dante's Peak

Partner Double Beast

It was a great morning all around for the PAX of Dante’s Peak.  Weather was money.  Numbers weren’t very #problematic (19 > 15), spirits were high, Open Out came in hot.  No not because he’s wearing a sweatshirt in May but because he was running late.

I tried my best to give this Q away to a VQ but with only a few nibbles and no bites I was excited to take the reigns.  After a few comments on how much better, faster, stronger, hair flowingly-er Jordache was than his brother we were off!

Warm up

  • Run to the pond, circle up
  • Good Mornings
  • Sir Fazios
  • SSHs


Little Rock Set

  • Grab a rock for a few rock sets
  • One Leg Rock Dead Lifts (this brought about some FiA comments…mm hmmm we’ll see)
  • 10 count Rock Bicep Curls x 6 (3 up / 3 down)
  • Other Leg Rock Dead Lifts (no more FiA comments, guys are strugglin now…)
  • 10 count Rock Tricep Extensions x 6 (3 down / 3 up)
  • OK, that was a cute set, now lets go work!

Partner Double Beast

Basically a mix of DORA and Beast to equal 12 sets of 12-12-12s between you and your partner.  One partner runs a lap around the parking lot, one starts working on:

  • 12 Overhead Rock Squats
  • 12 Dying Rock Roaches
  • 12 Full Rock Curls
  • If partner A got back after, say, 5 curls, Partner B then starts count at the 6th curl to complete the set, etc.  Working together sharing all the reps of the double beast.

When done go put your rocks back and Nantan will lead you in some merkins while YHC picks up the 6 and avoids merkins on his bad shoulders…

Field Sprints

We are already tired but we have 15 minutes left (perfect planning and execution by the Q if I do say so myself.)

  • On the line for full soccer field sprint (100yards-ish)
  • Bear crawl back…all the way…if you can
  • If you can’t then when you quit run the rest of the way and do burpees until all arrive
  • If you can then your name was PBX!  Hotspot too I think!
  • Sprint again!
  • TP wanted to walk back and that was perfect because so did I!  DUCK walk!
  • When you’re a quitter run back and merkins until everyone is back
  • it was a solid final push.


  • Hello Dolly—er Rosalita, then Dolly, then Low Slow Flutter without rest, 10 count each.


  • If you’re on GroupMe you heard the awesome convo about Healing Transitions and Bond Brothers and “foot in mouth disease”.  It was awesome, thank you Aristocrat!
  • The Murph on Monday for Memorial Day
  • South Wake Convergence June 3rd, no details quite yet
  • Many prayers and praises were shared this morning.  Some families are going through some very tough points in their lives inside and outside of our circle.  Let’s keep our eyes and our hearts open to helping, encouraging, praying, and supporting them!  Best usage of our #FreedToLead mantra


  • I have a few VQs in the queue.  Get ready, they are coming soon!
  • I love to Q, I wish I could do it 3 times a week, personally.  Yet my first time and still sometimes now I get nervous butterflies.  If you haven’t done it yet and you’ve been here a few months, let’s get the party started!  #callmemaybe
  • Jordache is Khakis brother.  Not just by name.  The dudes are #twinning even in the hair department, it’s crazy.  He’s a good dude, glad to have him with us this morning!
  • Crimson is getting faster and faster
  • He and Sooey are also #twinning (see the picture)
  • If you’re trying to go for Angry SHut-In don’t tell Angry Shut-In.  Then he knows not to get angry.
  • If you do want Angry Shut-In do only the very first exercise and then question if we are going to ever do the other leg or not.
  • It’s Friday I gotta go to the beach
  • If you’ve Qd the past 2 weeks and haven’t written your BB but are still reading this then don’t tell me you don’t have time to write a backblast!!

Happy Memorial Weekend, gents

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