What is your weakness?

Mosey up to Ederle for warm-up:  ssh, imp walker, good am oyo, mtn climbers
Jog South on Ederle and then to bottom of Avenue of the Estates hill. Run the Hill to gate, 10 burpees, run to the bottom, 10 assorted merkins of choice, repeato repeato…… till time called.  Me thinks 8 rounds were completed. Plank or pick up the 6.
Indian run back to start for assorted Mary.
Prayers for Fluoride’s brother and couple others
Murph at Olive Chapel Elementary, June 3 Mason Dixon convergence at Pullen 6:30 am, June 9 beers at Top of the Hill with SOS, June 10 Special Operations Survivors convergence at TBL
Banjo took us out.
  1. Hills and Burpees in the right combo are the bane to so many, sadist
  2. Short on words, long on Miles,  3.75.
  3. Grease and Large tore it up. [sigh]
  4. Quiet group this am. Grease didn’t even complain when we ran over couple minutes.
  5. YHC was not in the right frame of mind signing up to Q Kryptonite following weekend with the Bham launch. Tortoise would have been a better speed.
  6. YHC ’bout crapped himself realizing he had the Q, which was on the unchecked calendar. Thankfully,  the preplan was in place,  legs were not.
  7. Birmingham launch was awesome. I would highly recommend stepping up and being part of a future launch. Follow @F3Expansion and get your name on the list – you have to be proactive. Sidebar with any questions.
Never underestimate the power of your witness. And then listen. There are so many more men that don’t even realize this is something their heart is seeking.
Thanks for the opportunity to serve,  and notch Kryptonite Q off the list.  Looking forward to being a summer regular.

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