Who Moved the Cheese

Warm-up jog to the bank for oyo ssh, imp walkers, Willie Mays, good pm, calf stretches, and other stuff.

Mosey up Academy to front of Bistro.
75% AYG to 2nd light pole, mosey back 1 pole, 3 burpees, repeat to Dry Avenue.

Several breathers taken with asst abs, squats, planks, and dips.

Jog back to start with multiple stops for merkins. Circle up for Mary.

YHC took us out.

Just the 2 of us. Lots of great fellowship. RushHour is good for this. It’s been a while since YHC has seen Cheese. A lot is going on with each of us, it was good to re-connect and lift one another up.
Cheese has moved his Message Therapy bidness and now working above a tap room in Holly Springs with an Ancupuncturist. Men, if you or your wife are in need, reach out to Cheese

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