Danger Zone

Post Most Amazing Workout to Have Ever Happened

Only 9 PAX gathered post Beer Mile.  What happened to the 140 PAX from last week?!?!  The pollsters told YHC that we would have at least 150-160.  The pollsters never get it wrong.  I mean YHC didn’t even go to BO or BH on Thursday to campaign, thought there was no need.  150 in the bag for sure.
Not Mantan tho, he predicted low numbers and no Burt.  YHC prefers quality over quantity, however the king of mumble chatter was alive and well – rolling in, windows down, 2000 era hits turnt up to 11.  All is well at DZ.  No JV players today, only seasoned vets.

Warm-up – Jog around the pickle and to the basketball courts for 20 SSH, 10 GMs, 20 Plank-jacks, 10 IW, 20 Mtn Climbers, 20 Merkins.

The Thang –  Start with a set of 7s on the BBall court, cause why not.  Burpees and hand-release merkins.  Forward run down, backward run back (disclaimer given)

Jog to the picnic shelter and find a bench.  20 irkins, 20 ALRSU, 20 dips, 20 T-bags.

Now for the King of the Hillary.  Top of the hill is the picnic shelter, bottom is across the bridge on the greenway.  Starting at the bottom, 5 burpees, run up to campfire circle – 10 hand release merkins, run to next intersection – 15 merkins, run to next intersection – 20 star jumps, run to shelter for 25 LBCs.  Back to the bottom.  Get as high on the hill as you can before you are met by PAX returning to the bottom.  Repeato and repeato.

Mary – In the shelter, find a bench.  10 irkins, 10 ALRSU, 10 dips, 10 T-bags.

COT – Count-o-rama – 9, name-o-rama, 3 RESPECTS, 6 meh.
Announcements – There is someone Qing Phoenix tomorrow, it may or may not be Ollie, Bartman doesn’t know….nor should he.  Memorial Day Murphy.
Prayers – Family, friends and F3 brothers of Papa Smurf.  CD’s mother.  Sputnik’s wrist recovery.
Great job this morning.  Always an honor!!

–  Riptip has appointed himself official F3 Beer Mile Team coach, and he is currently looking to build a dream team………..stay tuned.  Training to start immediately.
– 50% of the site Qs were in attendance today.
– Hand-release merkins may be may new signature move…….that and running.
– YHC knew it would be a great morning when I heard Kenny Loggins and the DZ theme song on the radio headed to DZ this AM.
– McCants calling DP the Donkey Party still makes me laugh.
– Smokey is a Breast.

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