Dante's Peak

I’ve Got Those Beer Mile Blues

22 PAX (23 if you count someone who joins up at 6:27) including 2 FNGs gathered this morning at scenic Apex Nature Park. No shovel flag, no site Qs, but those in attendance came in anticipation of seeing a little merlot spillage from YHC. Not to be. Disclaimer given and were off.

Extended Warm Up (as promised)

Merkins x 10
SSH x 15
Merkins x 9
LBC x 15
Merkins x 8
GM x 10
Merkins x 7
Freddie merc x 15
Merkins x6 IC
IW x 15
Merkins x 5 IC
Sir Fazio x 10
Merkins x 5 IC (Whoops)
Mountain Climbers x 15
Merkins x 3 IC
Plankjacks x 10
Merkins x 2 IC
Merkins x 1 IC

The Thang
Mozy to pond
Partner up, lunge walk in opp direction. When you meet up – 20 partner clap merkins.
Mozy until you meet again. 5 bropees
Repeato with 10 partner derkins, 5 bropees

Mozy to big parking lot
Run to first lightpole and back, 2nd lightpole and back, etc until you the end of the lot. At each lightpole, burpee/squat jack webb 1/3 ratio, finishing where we started with 5 and 15.
Squat pyramid thing with pause between sets- 5, 10, 15, 10, 5

Double applesauce Indian Run back to park entrance.
Billy Run to the bottom of the hill

Monkey Nut sighting. 10 penalty burpees

Monkey Nuts x 12ish IC
15 LBCs to wrap up

2nd Annual Carpex Memorial Day Murph – Olive Chapel School 7 AM with EC option available. No A Team or Kryptonite
Mason Dixon Convergence (North and South Wake F3 regions) on Jun 3 at Pullen Park. Franklin and Banjo in communication with each side’s Q/General to confirm Carpex’s neutrality

Prayer Concerns and Praises
Moment of silence for Papa Smurf
Lulu’s grandmother is expected to pass this weekend
Khakis expecting daughter to be born this weekend


YHC was moderately concerned when he realized that he was DP Q the morning after the Beer Mile. For the record, that was some nasty ass beer (thank you Mich’s daughter), at least the 3rd and 4th were. Thankfully, I woke up feeling great and my long warm up would go off as planned, instead of high numbers of good mornings and windmills followed by an extended Have a Nice Day/naptime.
Franklin was hoping for the Pax to hide from Monkey Nut. I guess it was successful, since we didn’t see him until 6:27, although we really didn’t try to hide.
Rotary’s lunge walk form may be better than Nabisco.
The temperature had to be 65 and Nature Boy still had his full leggings, long sleeves and earmuffs
Yogi was looking ripped and like a bad ass in his compression shirt
What happened to downtown run commuters this morn?
Borland had some awesome shoes
2 more FNGs! For the record, I didn’t get their info, but Bocephus works with Ma Bell and Earhart, so he should be in good hands. Snots (Eddie’s dog from Christmas Vacation in case you are curious) is a friend of Water Wings and he certainly knows the drill for getting FNGs plugged in.
Thanks for the encouragement Grease
Despite feeling great, I was still able to foul up the expected count, recover call outs, and the cadence on multiple occasions. But none of that is new.
Always an honor and a privilege to lead!

3 thoughts on “I’ve Got Those Beer Mile Blues

  1. Old Maid

    As for those in-town commuters…overslept. Big plans for a long run in, shorter run home, and woke up at 5:34. Still made it there with 1 minute to spare.
    Penalty 10-mile run this afternoon.


  2. HotSpot

    Sorry I missed you TP. This in-town commuter is in taper mode this week for the NCRC classic HM. Unlike Michelob, who is 7 years my senior, I need to rest before a race. I’ll see y’all with sore legs and in survival mode at A-Team on Monday.


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