Field of Dreams

Your Lucky Day!

YHC signed up weeks ago (months even?) to Q at the infamous Field of Dreams.  Lots and lots of real estate, a multitude of options, what could go wrong?  And still.  There it was Monday night at 10pm…what to do, what to do?  Quick message to the site Qs confirmed my fears…my lack of knowledge of the AO would be a hindrance.  So, go with what you know, amirite?

In efforts to kickstart my metabolism[i], I tossed a last-minute “EC” option out there.  That means this turned into Insomnia a day early.  In efforts to ensure a safe route, I predrove the prerun course.  Came in to the parking lot on 2 wheels to find…no one.  So, a solo #Insomnia run it was.  Nice run, nice route, we’ll do it again sometime.

Anywho, returned to the lot to find the PAX assembling.  I really like FOD.  They do a duathlon there every year, and I remember doing it one year and running so hard I threw up at the end.  So….[ii]


  • Run around the pickle[iii]
    • Regular up, then backwards, karaoke left, right, high knees, butt kickers
  • Circle up on the court for:
    • SSHx20 IC
    • GMx15 IC
    • IW x 15 IC
    • Merkin x 10 IC[iv]-hold it
    • Pike stretch x 3 IC each side -hold it
    • Merkin x 10 IC -recover
    • Hacky Sack x 10 IC[v]

Start of the Thang:

  • Run to the cloverleaf of fields for a little running.[vi] This got Nature Boy all jacked up!
  • Partner up with someone you don’t normally partner with for a tour of the field perimeter[vii]
    • P1 run clockwise, P2 counter. When you meet, 10 partner derkins and flapjack.
    • Run back the way you came from.
    • 10 burpees OYO.[viii]
    • P1 run counterclockwise, P2 clockwise. When you meet, 10 partner merkins and 10 hand-release merkins OYO.
    • Run back the way you came from.

By now, we had covered a mile…

Thang Part 2:

Mosey down to the bottom of Fertilizer Hill

  • PAX have a choice of 4 exercises to do: Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Lunge Walk, Walk Lunge, have to mix ‘em up. YHC states we’re going to the fence at the top. PAX respond “do you know how far up there that is?”  “Yes, I do.”[ix]
  • Everyone got in to the top and squat hold for a bit.
  • YHC looks around, a shame there’s not a good fence up here. Oh, look, it’s a little better down thataway.
  • So, People’s Chair for a 10-count down the line. [x]
  • Since we’re here, how about some BTTW? 5-count down the line.  Nature Boy is a born leader of those.[xi]
  • Jog back down Fertilizer Hill, mind the gate! As we left the top, I mentioned to Ma Bell “Hey look at that sunrise”[xii].  He said Monkey Humpers would be an appropriate call for that.  Franklin reined in YHC on what a jog actually looks like.  Thank you for the reminder, it helped keep us together.


Thang Part 3:

Mosey to the rockpile (audible ahead to the PAX to grab a non-traveling rock).  YHC pulling in the six.

  • Some work with the rocks.
    • Overhead press x 10 IC…rotate 3
    • Rock Curls x 10 IC…rotate 3
    • Rock Rows x 10 IC…rotate 3
    • [xiii]And…we’ll just finish up with Rock extensions and put our rocks back.
  • YHC audibled to PBX to lead the PAX in some Mary back on the court while we tended to our flock



  • 44 of something (will come back to correct once PBX checks in)
  • 44 WWIIs (all the PAX in by now)
  • 44 Freddy Mercuries



Beer Mile-see Ma Bell for an entry or just go spectate.  Sure to be a hoot either way.

The Murph – Olive Chapel Elementary.  A-Team and Kryptonite shut down.


Prayer Concerns:


Khakis and his ministry/mission


YHC took us out



Here are some random observations:

  • I believe everyone expected a big run workout today. I covered 2.5 miles during the bootcamp.  So not too bad.
  • Originally we were going to go all around the other ball fields, but wise site Qs didn’t want us to have shut down the AO due to trespassing charges. Wise site Qs.
  • Catniss likes the soccer fields…er…pitch. YHC saved you from the dewy wetness.  Sounds naughty.
  • Even when Sky Blue is freakin’ hauling, he looks like he’s barely moving. That’s meant as a compliment.  An EC run in AND out for him today.
  • Roboto is a machine. Does.Work.
  • Nature Boy I enjoy your antics. Makes this stuff even more fun.
  • It is a privilege to lead, but also a tough mental exercise. I am working to wean myself off the cheat sheet.  It went largely unused today, so that’s a positive step.  That whole thing up the Fertilizer Hill?  Made up literally as we were standing at the gate.  Betcha couldn’t tell.  OK, so you could.
  • Is merlot spillage a subject in Q School? Asking for a friend.
  • Hate that I had to depart so fast guys-work keeps getting in the way of all 3 Fs!

Here are the endnotes, Hotspot style.

[i] Shed a pound or 10?

[ii] Foreshadowing?

[iii] Yep, FOD has one of those too!

[iv] Nan’tan approved

[v] Nod to Hotspot…need to get him out to FOD!

[vi] The PAX dread when YHC Qs (for many reasons.  Mostly because there will be running.  Unfortunate for FNGs who don’t know this yet.)

[vii] Branch out, live a little!  FNG Brosef drew the short straw of me.

[viii] Some PAX were seeing stars by now.

[ix] GTL was first up…dude can fly up a hill. For fun and games, try doing a walk lunge up the next steep hill you find.  Gotta admit, going up that hill sucked.

[x] That’s a 240-count if you add it all up, which seemed like forever.

[xi] Was someone counting en Espanol?

[xii] Apparently at our sister AO, they DID witness the beauty of the sunrise, while inverted doing their concrete BTTW.

[xiii] And then…a splash

[xiv] Chaos ensued.  Apparently PBX has had a birthday recently, as it was a 44-o-rama

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