Dante's Peak

Pain in the Butt

YHC and Michelob ran in to Peak City Beatdown. Monkey Nuts huffed it in too. The Pax was restless this morning. After witnessing a late night twitter war, they were curious to see who would lead them! YHC’s goal of the morning was to be a pain in the ass, or at least make your ass have pain.

Freebird seemed to be clock free and was coming in hot, but he’d have to catch us if he wanted to feel some pain.

Hackey Sacks [1]
Pikes L/R
Well lo and behold, we have an FNG Mark! A quick midwarmup disclaimer was recited, and the  workout continued. [2]
King David TT [3]
Burpee Count Off [4]

To Far Parking Lot [5]
Shakiras, L/R
Arm Throughs [6]
Plank Jacks [7]
All Stars
Scuba Buddah
HTM [8]
Bridge With Leg raise
Bridge with March
Mountain Climbers
To the Ampitheater
Side Leg Raise[9]
Side Leg Curl (Maybe called Alabama Ass Kicker?)
All 4s – Back/Side/Up [10]
Leg Out raises [11]
Kick Backs
Side plank Leg Raise

Mosey To Shelter
Irkins [12]
Derkin Progression

To Big Tennis Court
Stop for a Mandatory Bearcrawl across the bridge
Australian Mtn Climbers
2 Tennis Courts then Exercise, then back
10 Cpn Thors
10 Merkins
10 Wacky Jacks (a.k.a. Nature Boy SSH)
3 tennis courts, 10 Star Jumps

Piriformis stretch L/R
High Calf Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Box Cutter
Freddy Mercury

A measly 1.35 miles covered https://www.strava.com/activities/982589958

May 29 – Ateam and Kryptonite are closed. Memorial Day Murph at Olive Chapel Elementary School 7am

Prayers for Physical and Spiritual healing for John, Harold, and Jennifer
Continued Prayers for Khaki’s Pastor friend from Mumbai
Prayers for our PAX members who are without there mothers this year.

[1] Sky blue seemed amped up before the workout the YHC as Q meant that HAckeysacks where in his future, but froze and missed his opportunity to call Hackeysacks when prompted by the Q.
[2] That’s a first for YHC, mid workout disclaimer
[3] Mumblehumming: Rockettes song
[4] MumbleChatter:You know, there’s easier ways to do this
[5] Mumblechatter: You know we can do more things than run. Good thing Yogi’s not here!
[6] Called by YHC’s Eldest 2.0. The Pax didn’t seem to appreciate story time while they held a plank
[7] Called by YHC’s Younger 2.0
[8] No, this was not called my YHC’s M. If only he was so lucky.
[9] Mumblechatter: The Pain! Can we do Pull-ups instead!
[10] MumbleChatter: Monkey nuts, quit complaining, you could have Q’d! Calls for Monkey nuts to take over and end the pain
[11] MumbleChatter:Burpee Count off doesn’t seem so bad now!
[12] Earhart: Tabletop Irkins? YHC:Irkins means incline Merkins Earhart:Well it could be benchtop Irkins YHC:I stand corrected, Tabletop Irkins

[13] Tclaps to Open our for naming our FNG “Dice” HY-LARIOUS!

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