Methane Cuddles…WTF [The CRICK]

 When: 05/10/17
 Where: The Crick
 QIC: Banjo
 The PAX: Bumblebee, Candlestick, Rouge, 3 Doors Down, YHC Banjo

5 faithful pax avoided the fart sack this morning. The rest of you guys, whatever. No methane cuddles here.

No FNGs, were off.

Indian run to the front of school for OYO warm-up (see NMS below): SSH, good morning, Willie Mays Hayes, Imperial Walker.

Indian run to playground with explanation enroute. Mini Murph. 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats, 10 rounds

Mosey to school traffic circle, Modified Jacobs ladder. Run to top of hill, CC Monkey Humpers at top starting with 1, run to far sidewalk, 10 merkins, return to start, repeat 7 rounds, escalating MH to 7 cc. Gazelles pick up the 6s.

10 Burpees oyo

Indian run around school to top of stairs, round of Cotton pickers, then return to shelter for dealers choice Mary: WWII, Flutter kicks, raised leg ankle touches, hammers, and LBCs

Announcements: look for Murph opportunities on Memorial Day, Special Operations Survivors (SOS) F2 at Top of the Hill in Chapel Hill June 9 and SOS convergence at Thin Blue Line June 10.

Prayer concerns: M Bumblebee, Bumblebee’s family, and tough decisions.

YHC Took us out.

Like many good plans they often end up being set aside or modified, much like today’s. YHC was actually on time and thankfully Candlestick still showed up.

Small intimate group today. YHC took a page from #F3Rushhour and took advantage. During warm-up there was no cadence there was no counting. Pax were asked to share something about their family and kids.

Bumblebee: his M has a rare disease. Due to the severity of the situation she and the boys remain in South Carolina. Bumblebee has a lot of weight on his shoulders after just moving here. Thoughts and prayers go out for a wise decision.

Rouge. He and M’s little guy, Ed Junior is now four months old. It’s easy to see how he brings a smile to Rouge and M Rouge.

3 Doors. Kids are at that age where there is no way to keep tidy house.

Candlestick: his oldest is at NCSU, I wonder if she is following Candlesticks footsteps. Middle child down in Florida working on her career. I think he must spend all his time with the youngest, well that and his new invention. You see, Candlestick is going to be the best friend to many of F3s finest. He and some coworkers have developed a process to age bourbon in just 30 minutes. #Kentuckybourbondisruptor.

YHC: my wife starts nursing school in the fall, it is likely you will never see me on a weekday morning once she starts. Oldest just finished junior year at UT Knoxville, and my 13 and 14 year-old girls will both be at Broughton next year. The next two years are really going to be tough.

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