Shakin Not Stirred, Vesper

Agility City

A perfect Wednesday morning for a Shakin-not-Stirred workout:  temps in upper 50’s and mild+ humidity.  There were a lot of F3 men milling about the shovel flag by 5:40 a.m., many of which were covered in sweat after the 5:05 a.m. F3 Insomnia run.  By 5:44 a.m., men had split up into Vesper running group and the classic SNS bootcamp group.  There was a singular flip flop that someone tossed in the center circle of the classic SNS bootcamp group, then I stepped into the middle which added another singular Flip Flop in the center circle.

Luckily, no FNGs…..not because we don’t want any FNGs, but after today they may not have showed up for another 1st F.    At 5:45 YHC enthusiastically welcomed Pax to today’s workout “Agility City”!  ……..Pax provided a couple hoorays (and a few groans were audible).

Warm Up: 

Huddle-up for Reaction Action:  1/4 squat athletic position, QIC calls “F” = hands to head, YHC calls “3” = hands to knees.  Variety quick calls ~x10.

Circle the wagons x 1, then off to the lower lot.  Sprinkle in retro runs, high knees, butt kicks, side skips, and another Reaction Action.

Circle up for x 10 GM, x 10 Cotton Pickers, x 10 Merkins, Chilcutt x 30 sec, x 7 Saturday Night Stretch.


A.  Partner Up on parking line for quick feet agility work.   Partner 1 performs said quick feet agility exercise, Partner 2 performs said exercise.  Flip flop 2 sets of 10.  Two Amigos between sets

  1. Ali Shuffle —> Floyd Mayweathers
  2. Side Hops —-> SSH
  3. MC Hammers —-> J.Lo’s (or Sharkiras)
  4. Plank hand over-backs —-> Hand Release Merkins

Groups of 4:  2 each on parking line, other 2 on adjacent parking line across median.  Same as above, but Quick Feet Travelers on the parking line, while partners sprinting around median.

B.  2 lines facing each other ~25 yd apart.  Perform said exercise half way, high five/fist bump Pax member, retro run to start.

  1. Fast high knees
  2. Fast butt kicks
  3. Side high knees
  4. Grapevine
  5. Jumps for height

C.  3 lines of Pax.  Cobra Run to large SNS field.

D.  2 sets of cones:  5 cones x 8 yd apart in zig-zag fashion.  Perform 3 sets each of:  front-retro cone cutting, and regular cutting.  Between all cutting sprint up short hill.

E.  Pax in big circle with partner:  Partner 1 performs 6-inch hold while partner 2 side hops over partner 1 legs x 10,  Partner 1 high plank position while partner 2 performs 5 reps of Bo Dukes: over partner 1 then shimmies under partner 1, x 5.   Pax in big circle: side shuffle counterclockwise x 1.  x 10 Airplanes, x 10 Superman.

F.  3 lines of Pax.  Cobra Run to Shovel Flag.  Along the way military chants of “F3”, “CarPex”, and “Shakin Not Stirred”

Mary:  Ma Bell x 20 Merkins IC.

Announcements:  cook-out this Saturday

Prayers/Praises:  there were quite a few prayer requests, 5 or 6.  Please think about your F3 brothers, their families, and friends, as they need your thoughts and prayers this week



  • This was not your typical F3 style boot camp, so I appreciate the men trying something a bit different, but I’m not sure if the PAX liked it, or if it needs to be shelved:
  • After the workout, most men said they “enjoyed it”, but not with that raisin’ eyebrows face like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, more like that scowl face like Randy “The Big Unit’ Johnson.
  • Goose was clearly dismayed by my apparent lack of organization, and provided several eye rolls and sighs during the Q.  Best defined by in COT, I ask if there are any announcements—Goose eye rolls and sighs “Start with count-a-rama first, Flip Flop”.    oops.
  • Ma Bell was clearly in the ‘Big Unit’ camp with scowl face.  I guess he was really pissed we didn’t perform any Merkins, so when we ran back to shovel flag for COT he was in ready position for Merkin.  I call ‘on your sixes’, but Ma Bell refused.  So the one time I have power over the Man’Tan, he decided to override my Mary with his Merkins.
  • All-in-all it was a great morning, and we turned our agility into ability moving forward for the day.
  • I guess I drafted this and forgot to post  (Goose probably rolling eyes, and Man’Tan shaking his head).




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