Judgment Day

It was a beautiful morning at Koko Booth and believe it or not even the Q arrived with time to spare. Just trying to be responsible. 9 eager PAX had arrived ready for the 5:30 beat down at Kryptonite. We were pleased to welcome 2 new young bucks into our group, Containment an Mississippi. At 5:30 we were off down the path to Symphony Lake stopping at the tent by the lake for our warm up and marching orders for the day.

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hop X 15

Standard Mericans X 15

Mtn. Climbers X 15


The Thang

I thought today we would take a page from the Judge in our workout this morning, and planned to push the limits on distance for the time we had.

We partnered up with someone of similar speed and started a circuit around the lake with:

  • Bupees X10 at the .3 mile mark on the right side
  • Scuba Budas X 10 at the .3 mile mark for the partner to the left.
  • Meet partner on the opposite side of the lake for 10 handclap Mericans
  • Keep heading around the lake with stop for exercise on the way.
  • Meet back at the tent for Partner Derkins X10 each.
  • Partner that reaches the tent first AMRAP LBC till partner gets there.
  • Total of 1.2 miles for one loop
  • Switch directions and repeat circuit.

All of us managed at least 3 loops before time expired at 6:10.

When we all got back to the flag we had clocked a site record 4.4 miles in the 45 oops, 46 minute workout. Congrats to all the stallions that participated!!!!


We did a quick standing COT and QIC took us out in Prayer


For a new job opportunity for Missisippi. Thanks for you prayers for Qs nephew who is at home now and should make a full recovery from his horrendous fall 3 weeks ago.