Time to Serve….Pain

EC in parking deck. Backwards run ascents, jog flats. 25 merkins passing east side turns
25 asst abs and 25 asst warmup on west side turns

3 pax for Main Event, YHC grabs a single pain stick to be shared. Circling the municipal building / Police station in blocks, P1 begins lunge walk with pain stick while P2 and P3 run to end of block to complete 5 burpees then return to starting block for 10 merkins and then back to catch P1. Rotate pain stick and enter a nested loop. Continue for each of the four blocks while completing assorted AB exercises on each turn [2 x 25cc] and in the middle of each block. Overhead press on blocks 3 & 4.

Great work, your hammies will be calling out tomorrow.

Return to flag poles for asst Mary

Silent prayers. Banjo took us out thanking the men of F3.

On further reflection, YHC determined that this was his 101st official Q. On reflection YHC thought that “CK” was a complete IDIOT wanting to be a site Q with the responsibility to make sure that the Q spot was filled each week, otherwise having to fill the Q shoes. At that time I was pushing myself to complete exhaustion just to keep up with the 6, spilling merlot on more than a couple of posts, thanking those servants that propelled me forward. Having been an athlete my entire life, I hated what I physically had allowed myself to become. I believed I would get a “little” better but leading was a dream; it would take a lot of smoke and mirrors to put me in those shoes. Though dreams can become reality, it was through hard work and effort, the support of the pax, the draw of community that changed me. Except for the Q challenge, filling the RushHour Q needs, Qing anniversary or birthday, and the occasional desire to take the helm, I plan to step back and let others lead. IT IS TIME TO SERVE

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