Feels like Merkins

From the time YHC’s bowels awoke him at 4:56, it just felt like a merkin kind of day. You know how that is, amrite? Ma Bell’s Qing, you know there will be merkins. Goose and I arrived to a reluctant group of PAX. I mean, it’s 70 degrees out already. Let’s get out of those cars! By the time 5:45 struck, we were 15 strong. Let’s go.

Into the park to the first ntersection for Warm-Up

  • 15 merkins IC
  • 20 SSH IC
  • 10 merkins IC
  • 10 forward/reverse Arm Circles IC
  • 10 GMs IC
  • 5 merkins IC

The Thang = the Traveling Beast

1st leg: Run to back of park, stopping 6 times for 6 (what else) merkins. Plank it out when you’re done. Once all PAX is reassembled, Mary speed round, which is:

  • 10 Hello Dollys IC
  • 10 Flutter Kicks IC
  • 10 LBCs IC
  • 10 Reverse LBCs IC
  • 10 American Hammers

2nd leg: Run over to the shelter. Lunge walk back and forth between the shelters 6x , completing 6 sets of alternating L/R step-ups each time. Squat it out when done. Once all PAX reassembled, Merkin speed round,which is:

  • 10 standard merkins
  • 10 diamond merkins
  • 10 wide grip merkins
  • 10 offset merkins (right hand forward)
  • 10 offset merkins (left hand forward)

3rd leg: Run back to middle of back parking lot. Run to the lower circle drive, stopping 6x for 6 star jumps and back to middle of parking lot. Plank it out when done. Another round of speed Mary

4th leg: Run over to sand volleyball courts. Line up at side of near court. Run width of each of 3 courts and back stopping to do 6 knee tuck jumps in between each court. Jog over to nearby basketball court for another  round of speed merkins.

5th leg: Time to head back to front of park. 6 stops along the way, performing 6 LBCs at each stop. Once PAX is assembled, another round of speed Mary.

6th leg: Don’t think I forgot the burpee. Around the front parking lot, stopping 6x for 6 burpees at each stop. Crowd favorite. And look, we finished right on time. No time for our 3rd round of speed merkins.


Count-a-rama: 15 strong!
Name-a-rama: 5 RESPECTS, 9 mehs, 1 hate
Announcements: CarPEX/Churham convergence this Saturday 0700 at Bond Park. Pre-ruck at 0600. CarPEX Picnic at Bond later in the day at 1430
Prayers: prayers for Aristocrat and his friend Zach’s family
BOM: YHC took us out in prayer. Today’s message: be present. Be present with your family, your friends, your co-workers. Plan for the future, but give your attention now to those closest to you. You never know when an interaction with someone will be the last.


  • It was a pleasure leading you men. After almost 3 years of F3, I look back and marvel at how many fine men I’ve met who make me better. It is humbling to know how much I have to work on, but also exciting that there is so much opportunity! Thank you.
  • By the way, if you count the IC merkins during warm-up as 2, we did 196 merkins.
  • Time cheated us out of 50 other merkins we had planned. Do them at your desk today.
  • Merkins make you strong like bull!

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