Good Afternoon

3 men posted on a gorgeous Tuesday afternoon. Special time with special men I say. Not the circus and hoopla that is SNS at Bond. No sir. This is get to know your fellow pax time and this guy likes it. With only “seasoned vets” in attendance this day, no need to worry about Thursday night players. No sir. With that the 3 veterans took to the streets and moseyed near the Mayton Inn for a light warm up.

Mosey down Ann street and over Academy and to our rockpile. Choose and ego rock. 20x rock curls, 20x tricep extensions and 20 rock rows. Then bearcrawl up the lot and lungewalk back. The Pax did this 3 times. Rocks back and fast mosey over and down to parking deck. YHC picked out a choice pain stick. One man at top of deck ramp, one at bottom and one running stick up the ramp. Man at top does star jumps, man at bottom does lbc’s. This was for time for 10 minutes. First time Katniss had seen Banjo’s pain sticks…wont be the last. Mosey over to sidewalk bars by Burts pocket park. 15x Australian pull ups, 15x irkens, 10x a.p.’s again. Down to flag for some quick Mary.

COT and out.

NM: Rush hour is great. Downtown Cary is without question the best AO in Carpex land…morning or evening. Lots of choices and things to do. I suppose its hard for most of the PAX to make it but you should. Someone should open a shoe shine stand down there. That way, YHC could throw a shilling into said shoe shiners tip box after a proper shine. But only after a proper shine, not some half assed attempt. But keep to the shoe shining and not a lot of yapping. That may be impossible but a guy can dream. BTW, Largemouth said he is looking for a co-site q for DZ. Not much to do really but show up once in a while…

One thought on “Good Afternoon

  1. Mabell

    Ripper bein’ a little sassy this afternoon toward a certain JR ROTC shoe shine captain and absentee co-site Q (not naming names).


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