Danger Zone

Follow My Cadence

After my long commute from Apex up to DZ, I was greeted by 13 PAX ready for a good workout. Burt had saved up 6 days of mumble chatter and was in high form and brought a lot of fun this fine morning.  Permit running in last minute, off we go around the “pickle” for one lap and circle up at the entrance for:

Warm Up

10 Good Mornings

20 Side Straddle Hops

10 Cotton Pickers

10 Hillbillies


The Thang

Finish warmup, after much mumble chatter, Q had arrived early enough to put out cones (more on those later) for a beast workout, performing the following exercises while running around the pickle:


6×6 Burpees

6×6 Sumo Squats with heel raises

6×6 CDDs

6×6 Left-right lunges

6×6 Hand release merkins

6×6 Star jumps


In between each exercise, Q circles up PAX for:


10 Plank jacks

10 LBCs

10 Dying cockroaches


Mosey over to the basketball court for some 1s and 2s, 1s performing full court suicides and 2s peoples chair. Flip flop, flap jack.


Circle up for a quick Mary.




Q started round robin Mary but ran out of time about half way around the circle.  We did get in some one-armed merkins, flutter kicks, boat-canoe, and angry bird before time ran out.






Count-a-rama: 14 PAX.



May 6th, Riptide will be roasting a whole pig for the picnic!

Prayers for Saban’s father in law and Burt’s aunt Nancy during their difficult times.





  • Having traveled up from Apex to Q a different location I expected a warm reception with my Cary brothers. Man was I wrong. DZ seems to be really angry and touchy and felt a few comments about Apex thrown my way. Could it be jealousy?
  • Comments about calling My cadence during warm-ups started the DZ mumble chatter fun.  What is wrong with follow my cadence?
  • Comments about the size of my cones I put out early for the beast
  • Lots of mumble chatter that there is more to DZ than the pickle. Since I have only posted there like 4 times I wasn’t about to take the PAX into the forest and get lost.
  • I slipped and started one of the intermission rounds without the PAX all being there. My bad
  • Overall, fun to post and Q an AO I normally don’t make it to
  • T-clap to Olie for bringing out the Dirty Bird during Mary!
  • Term Paper said I had to post also as part of the challenge, given my reception I may or may not make it back 🙂

It was an honor to lead you men this morning.


One thought on “Follow My Cadence

  1. Mabell

    “Cary” vs “Apex” in not a thing in the Kingdom of CarPEX. Meeting the CarPEX Challenge requires traveling outside your little comfy zone just once. The Nan’tan Challenge: be a regular at different CarPEX sites on a regular basis. Dishing out wisdom left and right.


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