Flirtin' With Disaster

What Rain?

Apocalyptic rain had fallen for the previous 24 hours and was going strong with this Pax stepped out into it Tuesday am. Whatevs…bring it YHC thought. He had done this before at his previous Q at FWD. Nothing new and just a reason some Pax use to fartsack. But the numbers came and 10 souls got out into it and did some work. That is what this thang is all about. Aint no weather we aint gonna post. Maybe less numbers, but someone is there-your brother..and he is there to support you when you show up.

Alas, in the rain it was and off we went. A brisk mosey up the hill and over to the medical office building. A quick circle up for some warm up. Mosey over to the covered parking and partner up for a little 2-4-2.

200 merkens, 400 squats, 200 irkens as a team. One man exercises and one runs to other end and a 10 count balls to the wall and back, 2x. The switch. This was harder than it sounds and took some time. Boat/canoe and then finish up and mosey back to sidewalk on long hill. get in one of 3 groups. Group 1 took off up the hill to highway (long hill) and 20 merkens up there and back down. Groups 2 and 3 did a ton of starjumps until the group 1 returned. For time, groups 2 and 3 went up the hill together and back down. Mosey as a group back to start and in time for some mary. homer to marge and supermans in the rain for good measure.

COT and out.

Never ceases to amuse and amaze me the men that show up in these kind of conditions. Great stuff.

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