Yogi back in Charge

A nice cool, cloudy, gloom day greets us for another round of beatdowns at the Tortoise. Guest PAX Hermes and GTL round out the hearty group of 6. Everyone there on time and no FNGs Yogi has the helm and takes us around the parking lot for a mosey and then into the light for warm-ups.

Warm Up

10 Good Mornings

20 Side Straddle Hops

10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles

10 Imperial Walkers

10 Merkins (slow and controlled with purpose)

The Thang

Head over to the parking lot edge for some 11s, prisoner squats on one side, curbees on the other. Yogi kept the PAX together for all 11 exercises. Finish up there a little 10-count and then over to the benches.

At the benches we do a series of dips, urkins, derkins, and left-right step-ups, all in cadence, all with purpose. Finish there and head to the parking lot for some WW2 (yogi special) and some more burpees. Now Yogi has a big surprise.

Mosey back to the edge of the parking lot and count off by 3, essentially partnering us up for a Yogi suicide race. Partners in the race were Hermes and Yogi, GTL and Freebird, and Earhart with Texas Ranger. The exercise was run to the half-way line in the parking lot, do 10 merkins, run back sprint to the end and do 5 curbees. Flap jack with your partner. Winner was Yogi and Hermes and the slowest to return got to watch the other two perform 10 burpees.

Back to the picnic tables for a quick round of dips and then circle up for a round-robin, 10 count mary. Most of the standards were called out, merkins, LBCs, box-cutters, but Hermes brought-out the one-armed merkin, man that was tough.

Check the time and we still have enough left to perform some coupons workouts including our new favorite, the wonder bro. Return the coupons and circle up for closing Mary.


Q instructed PAX to perform round-robin mary, each PAX calling a 10-count exercise. After 2 rounds, the clock said 6:15 and we were done.


Count-a-rama: 6 hearty PAX.


May 6th blah blah

New Apex AO, Bounty Hunters, at Hunter Park (skate park in Apex). Launch date is Thursday, April 27th, with a sign-up sheet already posted.


  • Welcome Hermes to Tortoise.
  • Yogi grunting through the exercises is motivation enough to finish strong
  • Mumble chatter from Hermes that Kryptonite was easier than Tortoise.
  • Looking forward to the new AO

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