Shakin Not Stirred

Flood Zone – Carpex version

Some large number south of 40 PAX assembled at the Senior Center for SNS/Vesper on a beautiful dry morning, with no concerns about the park flooding. One FNG care of Moore from Churham and after the disclaimer, we are off.

Brisk run through a short greenway path to the Community Center.

Warm Up
SSX x 20
GM x 10
IW x 15
Sir Fazios x 15
Compass Merkins x 5 at N,E,S,W,N,W,S,E

Mozy to Kiosk to get a glimpse of the flooding
Double 7s using the top of the hill, the kiosk and the end of the trail at the boat ramp lot
Burpees, Monkey Humpers, HR Merkins, Jump Squats
Plank work waiting for the 6

Backwards run up the hill and then proceed back to community center
split the pax into 2 groups 6 AYG 40 yd runs

Partner up for Catch me if you can bear crawls followed by broad jumps
LBCs until the 6 arrives

Ladder squats sets 5, 10, 15, 10, 5 with a 10 count hold after each set

Back to Senior Center for
Freddie Mercury x 20

May 6 Convergence with Churham at Phoenix, break, Family F3 picnic at Bond Park 2:30 until, sign up
Bounty Hunter starts tomorrow at Hunter St Park in downtown Apex. BO will be open

Prayer Concerns
Saban’s father in law, as well as his M, who is having difficulty with the situation


Here are the unofficial numbers – 34 at COT, 7 for 5ish mile group, 3 for 4ish, 26 for SNS, 8 for Insomnia, 2 for Insomnia only, 2 for Refinery only (Flip Flop and Disco Duck).
Total of 40 participants in F3 events in and around Bond Park- Outstanding! (not to mention 6 strong at Tortoises)
Not much mumble chatter today – possibly function of no Burt or Callie?
Great to have Moore continue to recruit FNGs for Carpex.
Jar Jar seemed to have no difficulty keeping up
As is my norm, I tend to falter with instructions in the middle of the workout.
My attempt to split the pax back into 2 groups for the sprints was a failure, but eventually we got on track
Kotters to Superfly and Rio
If it wasn’t for the flooding, we were doing triple 7s, which probably wouldn’t have gone well
The “convergence” may be light on visitors. Apparently Churham PAX are unaware. Nantan needs to have strong words with their leadership

Always an honor and privilege to lead.

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