Field of Dreams

Field of Streams

9 of Cary/Apex’s most committed men and 1 guy who had signed up to Q made their way to Field of Dreams on this wet morning. Given the 48 hour downpour, YHC had to leave a bit earlier than usual this morning in fear of literally coming on 2 wheels.  YHC strongly considered a morning of splashing on the turf but for the sake of the town of Cary and possibly a bit of mercy on my brothers, a sheltered morning was prepared.  The shovel flag was planted firmly and the pax were off in the rain.


Jog over to the shelter and circle up for: Good Mornings, SSH, Imperial Walkers, and some OYO leg stretches that would soon prove to be very valuable

The Thang:

30 Seconds AMRAP with 15 seconds of rest between. 3 Sets of each.
Squat Jumps
Standard Merkin
Side Straddle Squats
Mountain Climbers
Left Leg Lunges
Right Leg Lunges
Carolina Dry Docks
Tea Bags
Reverse L Leg Lunges
Reverse R Leg Lunges
At this point due to the overwhelming amount of mumble chatter, as well as stench confined with the shelter YHC called for a one lap audible around the parking lot.  Return for:
Alternating LR Step UP
Freddy Mercuries

Announcements: May 6 Convergence & Cookout, Bounty Hunters this Thursday
Prayers-Franklin’s work

-Earhart prefers to not mix his erkins and derkins; probably also prefers his food to not touch on his plate
-Nature Boy has no fear-white “pants” on a rainy day
-Deodorant is allowed at F3
-YHC is a redhead, therefore can get a bit chippy with excessive mumblechatter

Thanks to you men for the accountability and the motivation to get moving on this dreary day.  Appreciate the chance to lead.

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