Flirtin' With Disaster

Two Weeks in the Making

FNG Yoga Mat, Blue and Out, Callahan, Chanticleer, Fluoride, Hermes, Jigglypuff, Largemouth, Ollie, Term Paper, YHC Banjo

Ran into to be FNG Yoga Mat at church after he and his wife were serving communion at the palm Sunday service; he said he was ready to give F3 a try. This after 2 1/2 years of continuous failed EHs. We’re talking outdoorsman, hiker ,camper, loves staying active, all F3 stuff. Yoga Mat didn’t know it, but he embodies F3. It was actually a couple weeks ago I get an email from Yoga Mat telling me that he’s got some things he needs to work on per the instructions from his doctor. Besides he wants to get in shape for his trip to Philmont next summer.

Yoga Mat posts

Callahan delivers the disclaimer and we’re off, heading over to the Food Lion parking lot to circle up: SSH, Imperial Walker, Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Merkins, Low plank hold, Pull-ups on the extremely shakey shopping cart return, and more Merkins.

Recover on the jog to Thurston and Cary Parkway. Squat it out while YHC explains the next round. 12 street lights UP Cary Pkwy. Run to each street light, five Burpee’s at each street light. If at anytime you find yourself two light poles ahead of the 6, run back and pick up the 6 and continue.

YHC has a tendency not to be clear in his instructions. Not heard was “Then stop at the corner squat it out and wait for the 6s”. The respectful Fluoride, training for the BRR, heads on across Highway 64, past the pax, before he realizes that he is all alone. We plank it out waiting on his return and then head back down.

Now YHC had planned to repeat this exercise substituting Burpees with something like star jobs, but realizes that soon to be Yoga Mat likely may never come back to post if we attempted a second round, so with a little wisdom we mosey back down the hill and a new plan is formulated. At the bottom of the hill Largemouth lead the pax through various ab exercises until everyone arrives.

We mosey to the rock pile for a VERY LARGE ego rock. We made several rounds of Rock curls, overhead presses, tricep extensions, Rock Rows, and Rock hammers before time was up. Return your rock and let’s circle up for COT.

Blue and Out and Jigglypuff lead us through various ab exercises.

Announcements: there will be no refinery tomorrow following Shaken not Stirred. Instead we will be gathering to break bread with a couple of testimonies on F3. The men from tortoise are invited and encouraged to join. Convergence and picnic on March 6.

Prayer concerns: Fluorides nephew, M Sputnik. Ma Bell, and and a few others that were mentioned. Welcome FNG Yoga Mat from FUMC. This may be the first time an FNG named themself, though fully unintended.

Always a pleasure to serve, gauging strengths and weaknesses of the pax, modifying plans when necessary, keeping all engaged.

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