Hitting the ground running

First time over at the fairly newly minted Kryptonite and decided to see what all of the fuss was about. Stallions that’s what. These hombres want miles, speed and whatever you can throw at them. Varsity team need only apply….non of that Thursday night JV stuff, no sir. That being said, YHC didn’t want to bring down the mean, especially after having spent all weekend with Denali at Y Guides Spring Outing. With a strong threat of serious rain, YHC was sure that some of the guys may fartsack this one….not a chance as it turned out.

With Flouride coming in on 2 wheels, off the group went. Quickish jog around lake and up hill to office building parking lot. Circle up for 10x good mornings, 10x mtn climbers, 10x IW’s. Partner up.

B.L.I.M.P.S. P1 jog down and back around large parking lot. P2 does exercise and flapjack. This involved quite a bit of running and exercises. Burpees, Lunges, IW’s, Merkens, Plankjacks, Starjumps. Finish up with some boat/canoe. Get in 2 even lines and indian run up remaining hill on Ederlee, stop for some merkens. More indian run down Regency Parkway with 3 more quick stops and fast run back to start. 3.7 miles and back in on time.

COT and prayers.

Great to lead you men. Impressive mustangs out there this am. Largemouth is a cyborg. Seriously, I think he is.

One thought on “Hitting the ground running

  1. Shut-In

    Good one Ripper! Gettin’ us closer to that 4mi mark. My lungs hate that first hill…

    And major TCLAPS for pullin the train back in to the parking lot while my watch ticked 0:44:55. Beautifully executed.


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