Bradford's Ordinary

BO’s 4/20 VQ


💪🏻Warm ups:

15 – Good mornings 

15 – low slow flutter 

20 (10 each side) – Annie’s  

25 – Freddy Mercury’s 

🏃🏻 Run back to big church parking lot

💪🏻The Thang

Partner 1 AMRAPs while Partner 2 Runs around the parking lot (W.A.K.E.)


A – American hammers

K – Knerkins

E – E2Ks 

🏃🏻N – ‘Ndian run (groups of 4) behind the school into the parking lot.  Painted the lines while waiting for the back of the pack. 

All together 

1 set of each (B.A.K.E)

B – Butkus (rapid step ups for 20 seconds) 

A – Alternating back lunges (1 per leg)

K – Krawl Bear up the wheelchair ramps 

E – Elevated leg lifts 

🏃🏻Run back to church parking lot while doing+1 burpee at every other light pole. 

🏃🏻Nur Yllib (Billy Run backwards) back to the flag. 

💪🏻Mary till time! 

✋🏻Count o Rama 

👏🏻Name o Rama 


🙏🏻Prayer requests

☝🏻Props to the man upstairs 


Blessed to run my first Q on such a glorious morning.  The weather was perfect and the mumble chatter was loud.  I never got to a Shut-In level of angry so I guess I did fine.  I got that Q-drenaline and a desire to do it again.  Looking forward to the next opportunity!

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