Old standby, deck of death welcomed 16 strong

Beautiful morning at Bond Park, at least if you like humidity.
But apparently, people do.
Good crowd, early crowd, anxious and waiting to roll.
Callahan and Old Maid wander in from their separate EC runs.
No FNGs and we are off – out of the senior center, right on the road, left on the path – hard left onto trail, left again on the path, right on the road, back in the other entrance to the senior center – a little backward run and side shuffle thrown in and we were back where we started.

What is this – a deck of cards conveniently located on the back bumper of this car – guess we should open up this deck of death and proceed with the following.

Take turns drawing a card and perform:

K – 13 Squats
Q – 12 LBCs
J – 11 CDD
10 – WW II
9 – Imperial Walkers
8 – Plank Jack
7 – Mountain Climbers
6 – Ski abs
5 – Merkins
4 – Star Jumps
3 – Scuba Buddha
2 – Burpees
A – Lap around parking lot – through portico
Joker – Dealer’s choice (on one of these – PBX made Pax do 10 burpees – not a popular choice) (At around the same time as this call, Callahan bailed out early – I am sure this was just a coincidence – so official count for the workout was 15 1/2 pax)

3+ times around the pax and we finished the deck.

Over to the rock pile – near the north entrance to the senior center. Many regulars had no idea this was here as it must be hard to see in the dark (including YHC who was heading to another rock pile…. but since this was here)

Circle up – Rock curls x15, rotate rocks moving around 1,2 or 3 spots, Overhead press x15, rotate, Tricep extensions x15, rotate, rock curls x15, rotate – repeat entire set x10 ending with your initial rock.

One set of Wonderbras called – just to torture PBX who had picked up a big ego rock and then hadnt gotten to do much with it.

Rocks back – and over to the pocket park for some Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire
Plank chilcut, each pax 5 merkins 1 pax at a time while others chilcut
Regular plank – each pax 5 squats.
It burns, burns, burns

A few minutes left and low mileage so far so we take an extended tour around the building ending at the portico.

No time for Mary but we had done plenty of ab work already

Announcements – May 6 – 2 events
May 7 – Texas Ranger mentioned a 5k for the Crisis Pregnancy Center at Wake Med Soccer park – see him for more details.

Prayers –
ALS – discussion around Papa Smurf and Mississippi’s step father

YHC took us out.
Great morning – thanks to all of you for letting me lead.

Add to the NMS

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