Traffic Jam

YHC had intentions of bringing a whole BRR team to Rush Hour to show them Cary by daylight.  This was to coincide with a “scheduled” team meeting to occur later in the evening.  I talked a big game, told Banjo we’d have a HUGE turnout.  Turns out we couldn’t all be present, so it was cancelled.  Leaving me bringing…me.

Anywho-I arrived a few minutes early, to check how many ramps were in the parking deck.  Quick recon run to find out, encountering Banjo inbound in the action van.  5:20 arrived, and just a few minutes later, so did Asystole.  And we were off by 5:25 for a little extra credit.


  • Run to parking deck ground floor
    • Mosey on the flats
    • 60%-70%-80% on the ramps
  • Run back down stairwell, go get pain sticks, head for the grassy knoll (field beside the deck)
  • P1 and P2 exercise, P3 stairclimb, flapjack, sending one up each time
    • Curl
    • overhead press
    • LBC
    • merkin
    • hammer
    • plank/right up/left up
  • Enough with the sticks, put ’em back (remember to bring Roundup next week)
  • Run to pocket park
    • Bear crawl across and do 10 irkins
    • Bear crawl back across and do 10 derkins
    • Lunge walk across and do 10 box jumps
    • Walk lunge back across, and looky there, we got visitors!
  • Run back to flags

Distance: 1 mile

Rush Hour Q

Pick up our friends Michelob, Foo, and Riptide, and look, there comes Cracker Jack.  A pax of 7 set off on a tour of downtown Cary.

  • At the flagpole
    • SSH x 15
    • Good afternoons x 10
    • Hillbillies x 15
    • Imperial Walker x 15
    • Nod to Hotspot-Hacky Sack x 15
      • (lots of chatter about how this looks different in the daylight, must look pretty silly, etc.)
  • Run to kids
    • Mucho Chesto one round of 10 each IC (which Asystole reminded YHC would actually be 100 Merkins (regular, diamond, wide, offset left, offset right)
      • YHC had to “pause” after the wides, then again after the first offset set…chest was swole)
  • Run to train station platform far end, start Wilt Chamberlain
    • 100 LBCs OYO
  • Run to near end of platform
    • 100 squats OYO
      • Get buzzed by the Amtrak
  • Run to far end of platform
    • 100 flutter kicks (1-2=1)
  • Run to near end of platform
    • 50 jump lunges (25 each leg)
  • Fellowship run to Academy Street (Asystole peeled off here), then do some lightpole intervals up to the Arts Center
  • Run down to Heater Park
    • Monkey Humpers in Angry Elf’s driveway
  • Run a lap of the park
    • Partner up in 3s and knock out 100 Merkins between you.
  • Run back up to community center
    • Pause for some Ab work at the new fountain park (thanks Banjo)
      • Freddy Mercury x 15 or so
      • Get in Plank and then some Shakiras
      • Get in Chilcutt and then some J-Los
  • Indian run back to the Page Walker house
  • Billy Run from the corner back to the flags
  • No time for Mary

Distance: 2.7 miles


  • Upcoming new workout “Bounty Hunter”, Apex Hunter Street Park, Thursday 4/27 start 0545-0630
  • Come see Banjo show everyone how a ruck ought to be done Friday night 9pm downtown Raleigh
  • Convergence May 6th with Churham at Phoenix 0700
  • Gathering May 6th Bond Park 1430-until

Prayers and Concerns

Healing prayers sent to Banjo

Prayers of condolences to the family of McCants’ friend Oliver (

Others unspoken (or missed by YHC)

YHC took us out


  • I had good intentions of getting there earlier, and actually being able to lay a few things out, but alas, a traffic jam slowed my arrival.
  • Asystole can fly up a parking deck ramp.
  • So can Banjo.
  • YHC can not.
  • I wonder if TOC cares that there are roughly 40 pipe-b@mb looking things stored behind their deck?  Or if we spray the area with roundup?
  • When will the snakes start hanging out back there?  I’ll make sure to NOT be there the day we find out.
  • Mucho chesto sure can wind a fella…
  • We were asked if we were the TOC FD by the train station staff.
  • WOW that train sure can stop fast!
  • YHC should probably retire the Wilt Chamberlain gig.  I mean really, that last set of jump lunges is TOUGH after a bit.
  • Intervals up Academy street looked good on paper.  (Modified Banjo fartlek)
  • So glad we could grace Angry Elf’s driveway with our “presence” (or is that “presents”?)
  • Yes, that little park does have a name-we’ll see it again next time I Q in downtown Cary (need to elbow my way into a BO Q)
  • Got a little far from home, sorry fellas.
  • Wise site Q suggested Ab work at just the right time, we got to show up that for-profit bootcamp!
  • So.  Much.  Traffic.  just waiting to cross the street to get back to the flagpole
  • Last again in the Billy Run.  Dang y’all are fast.
  • Need to make a small signboard to put on the sidewalk that says:
  • HH ensued at BB.  Do not try the cherry sour.  Just don’t.  Great 2nd F with Michelob, Foo, and Cracker Jack.  Wandering Moose food truck w/good grilled cheese, cuban, brisket sammich.
  • BRR team was missed.  Hope we can get together soon.


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