Dante's Peak

Good Friday

A cool, clear good Friday morning greeted 12 PAX for a basic run and beatdown workout. No FNGs but we did have a visitor from Rock Hill, Mountaineer! Everyone there on time, so off we go to the back parking lot area for some quick feet to get warmed up. Head back just past the flag and circle up in the parking lot for:

Warm Up

10 Good Mornings

20 Side Straddle Hops

10 Cotton Pickers

10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles

10 Hillbillies


The Thang

Finish our warm-up and head to the bridge for, you guessed it, bear crawls down the bridge. Surprised mumble from open-out he had not done a single bear crawl all week until then. Good that we took care of that. At the bottom Q instructs PAX to assume plank hold and then chill cut. Right arm up and, looky here, we are in Shakira position so, in cadence knock some out and then return to chill cut. Well, looky here we are in J-Lo position, so in cadence knock some of those out, and finally finish with left arm up Shakiras. Recover and mosey to the rock pile.

At the rock pile, Q instructs PAX to find a non-traveling, ego rock. Some took it to the extreme, pulling out what looked like 50lb rocks. Circle up and perform Colt 45s (thanks to Franklin for introducing that to Q at Tortoise). Drop the rocks and shift one to left so that everyone gets a chance to lift the 50lb boulders. More rock work skull crushers, shift left, rock presses, shift left, rock rows, and drop rocks.

Mosey over to the auditorium for some 11s work. Q instructs PAX to run to the top of the auditorium, perform 10 burpees, run back down on the outside and perform 1-2 count hammers on the stage. Reapto until 10-1 is achieved. PAX did a great job keeping up. Strong work!

Recover on the mosey back to the rocks for two exercises. Q is running out of time and does not want to pull a Ma Bell and bust through the 6:30 time. Per request we perform rock squats and finish with colt-45s.

Head back to the parking lot, bear crawl half-way up the bridge and circle up for a quick Mary.


Q tried to get a speed mary in around the horn but a car came in and would not let us finish so we only got two exercises in, low slow flutters from Open Out and Freebird calling 10-count burpees OYO.


Count-a-rama: 12 hearty PAX.


May 6th blah blah

Open-Out announced the new Apex AO, Bounty Hunters, at Hunter Park (skate park in Apex). Launch date is Thursday, April 27th, with a sign-up sheet already posted.

Swag did a great job taking us out, with prayers going to Open-Out and Shut-In’s uncle after he received a disheartening diagnosis. Swag also led us in Good Friday prayers, remember the sacrifices and glory of the day. Great job Swag, touching and well-said.


  • Welcome Mountaineer from Rock Hill to Apex AO. We should road trip one day and post down there.
  • Sorry Open-Out but bear crawls are required on that bridge
  • Good chatter from the group, overall everyone was in a good mood
  • Looking forward to the new AO, much closer to me than BO
  • T-clap to Franklin for introducing Colt-45sIt was an honor to lead you men this morning.


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