Polishing our guns in the Animal Kingdom

A new Pax record set for tortoises today with 9 hearty souls.
Staying true to the Tortoise reputation, we started off at 05:30 sharp with 10 burpees OYO, followed by 20 WW2s
Then the warm up
15 – GM, 15 – Hillbilly, Sir Fazio – 20 each way – 10 little, 10 bigger reverse
Over to the curb for some quick feet x30 and then
The Thang
Welcome to Animal Kingdom
Run across the parking lot, crab walk back
Backwards run, backwards crab
Karaoke – duck walk
Again – facing other direction – duck walk return
Side shuffle – bear crawl
Again – facing other direction – crawl bear
Lunge walk – frog hop –
Backwards lunge – frog hop
Run – bunny hop
Backwards run – bunny hop
Having seen enough animals for now – we moved on (no cockroach, gorilla, monkey, Homer to Marge – yet)

Grab 2 cores and meet back under the street light.
First exercise – Colt 45s – to polish your guns. If you dont know what this is – look it up in the exicon. (I have never seen Ma Bell do this in public but it is likely part of his private routine)
Then – overhead press x20, rock row x20, flys (another animal) x15, tricep extensions x15
Next — take your cores over to the church for
Wonderbra – x20, recover then
Peoples chair hammers x 20
Quick stampede around the parking lot then repeato x 15

Back to the street light at the bottom of the parking lot for another round of Colt 45s and return your cores.
Back to the street light
Plank in a circle – 10 LBCs 1 at a time around plank circle
Chilcut – 5 – dying cockroach (animal) around circle
Homer to Marge – x15 – Khakis was convinced this was an animal exercise so this was done at his request – something about some animal documentaries he has been watching that focus on mating activities….
Finally – to bring it back to the Tortoise signature move – 10 burpees OYO, WWIIs until we hit 6:15 – (did about 30)

Announcements – Banjo looking to clown car 5/20 to Birmingham related to F3 launch – please let him know if you can come, May 6 – Convergence and Cookout

Prayers – M Sputnick, Ma Bell – health concerns, Khaki’s – workload – covering for low staff numbers and not spending time with family

YHC took us out.
Tortoise motto – slow and steady with purpose
Thanks men

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