A Pax of 5 for a gloomless F3 Class. Welcome FNG – Gala.
The Rush-Hour name of this “Class” or AO or Workout or meet up or whatever we call this thing that is the 1st F is absolutely perfect. This was my first post and Q at this workout (M and 2.0’s are at the beach for spring break). It is a completely different atmosphere than a typical 0545 workout. There are actually other people out and about in cars and walking/running. We definitely have much more privacy at our AM “classes”.

AND the Sun was out! and it had been out for many hours and it was warm and bright and the threat of sunburn on my bald head was very real… so lets find a parking deck for some shade.

Asystole, Hermes and FNG Gala were there for some EC running about 25 minutes early without Banjo.

The Warm up:
Jog to some typical TOC art sculpture wind chime thing out at Chapel Hell Rd and Academy.
– Good Mornings x 20
– SSH x 20
– Hillbillies x 20
– Merkins x 20
– Monkey Humpers x 20 (since we are at a busy intersection at Rush Hour!)
The Thang:
– Run to the parking deck for some escalating and inflating BLIMPS at each level of the parking deck, backwards running up the ramp portions.
– 5 Burpees at the first ramp, 5 burpees + 10 LBCs at the 2nd floor, 5 Burpees + 10 LBCs + 5 Imp Walkers, … with Merkins, Plank Jacks and Star Jumps.
– Plank hold, Recover 10 count around because YHC and the FNG were gassed!
– Jog to the pretty grass which apparently is still dormant
– Bear crawl across do 10 Derkins Lunge walk back
– Bear crawl across, 20 urkins, Lunge walk back
– Bear crawl across, 20 dips, lunge walk back
– Bear crawl across, 20 left right alternating step ups, lunge walk
– Bear crawl across, 20 box jumps, lunge walk
– Jog to the railings – Australian Pull Ups x 20
– Jog back to the shovel flag for some dealers choice Mary
COT – 4 Pax (Asystole had to leave early)
Announcements – Banjo rambled on and on about launching Birmingham Alabama, Meet up for all 3 Fs after SNS, Convergence and Picnic May 6th at Phoenix/Bond Park
Prayer Requests – Ma Bell and a couple others.

Happy Hour at Bond Brothers immediately following

– FNG Gala posted at Rush Hour at 5:45 PM Tuesday and posted again at SNS at 5:45 AM. I am pretty sure this is an F3 World Record for closest consecutive workouts by an FNG.
– Gala seemed to think this thing we do is a “Class”
– Got some chuckles from the run group for the Good Morning greeting
– YHC has thought the 5:45 PM workout was a weird time, I still think that, however it seems to be a popular time for the rest of the TOC citizenry to work out.
– There must have been 1,000+ runners in the Bond Brothers “Run Club” on Tuesday nights.
– The pedestrian and vehicle traffic was intense
– So apparently Cheese has defected and now does the BB run club.
– I warned the FNG that the RESPECTS would show him up, thanks TP and Banjo for making sure that happened.

One thought on “Gloomless

  1. Callahan

    Ahh…the gentle ribbing I got this morning about attending a Gala now sorta somewhat kinda makes sense.


    Actually, no. It doesn’t.

    Fun fact: I’ve never been to a gala before. Is it some kind of baking competition with only apple pies?


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