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What to Expect When You’re Expecting

As a fairly frequent Q and poster to Carpex workouts I feel like I’m a pretty good numbers guesser.  This is key when planning a workout.  Helps you to pick the right excercises, etc etc.  So for this workout I planned for about 12.  There were 6 the week before and then average numbers were mid teens.

Good guess right?

There were 23.  And that’s with Open Out fartsacking as I waited out from of his house for a few minutes.

Oh well, we made it work!

Warm Up
Switched things up and got us moving back and forth down the lot with varying warmup exercises and ways to jog back and forth.  Right away pax were caught off guard like I just gave them Hunts ketchup instead of Heinz.  Luckily the caught on and we were able to move on to the Thang

The Thang

Set 1:  Deconstructed Burpees
– Two groups, one run down the lot and do 25 reps and come back, one group stay and do Mary (because we have TWENTY THREE!)
–  Squats
–  Leg Kick Out Things
–  Merkins
–  Jump Squats

Set 2:  Cardio Quick Loop
–  People’s Chair the fence
–  One at a time run up the hillside and down the path back to the fence.  BTTW at the fence until the next guy replaces you.  Then go back to PC.

This took way too much time in PC position with 23 guys.  Next round we went in groups of 3s for:
–  PC then 10 Burpees then BTTW then back to PC
This didn’t play out as well as I planned but it was decent.

Set 3:  Crazy Jack Webbs
–  Group 1 Indian run the entire parking lot loop so you are gone for a while so Group 2 can do a set of excercises.  Then flapjack.
Exercises were all jack webbs 1:4 ratio:
–  Derkins and Aussie Mtn Climbers
–  Urkins and ALRSU
–  Dips and Tea Bags
The goal was to get up to 5 for each…we came close

Oops, some left over time.  OK to the tennis courts for sprints.

TIME!  Goose recommended we stay put for COT so we did and it was nice.

Great work by everyone.  Lots of pep for a Friday beatdown.
This place is getting #problematic already…

3 thoughts on “What to Expect When You’re Expecting

  1. Callahan

    Couple things…

    – I thought this was going to be some sort of announcement that a 2.2 was on the way.
    – So wait…you not only plan your workouts, but you also plan based on how many PAX you think will show up?!?
    – I just can’t even begin to process that. My mind is blown.


  2. Shut-In

    – uh no.
    – Maybe I overstated how much numbers play in, but they do play a factor. Like for the sitting on the fence and waiting for 22 guys to run is much different than waiting for 10 to run. See?
    – It’s like the same as planning to use the baseball fields but find them to all be locked.


  3. Callahan

    I’m tellin’ ya, man…TOC is out to get me. First the Monkey Bars, then the baseball fields. What’s next? Are they going to get rid of the rock piles? Level the dam?


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