Great weather, Great crew, Great site, No Nantan, No site Q, oh what to do….

Thanks to Nature Boy for texting me yesterday asking me if I was attending A-Team.
In response – I checked the Q schedule and what to my wondering eyes did appear – but my name next to the Q spot for today.
I guess that seals it, I should attend. Planning can be overrated – just ask Callahan.

Arrived this morning to find gates closed (nothing new here) but spring is in the air and everyone seemed to have extra pep in their step.

Surprisingly, no site Q, no Nantan, and a surprising lack of Carpex leaders this morning – but still a great group of 19 strong including two FNGs.
Disclaimer given and off we go.
Run past the stop sign and playground to the top of the right hand lot where we stopped to warm up.
20 SSH, 15 – GM, 15 – Windmill, 20 – Hillbilly and then we were off again.
Down the main road, backwards run across the bridge, regular run to the top of the hill and over almost to the pickle.
Circle up again for some plank time. Regular, R hand high, Regular, L hand high, Regular, Chilcutt (don’t get run over by Cheddar Bo), Regular – 2 10 counts for each.
Back up and over to the Pavilion

Dips, Alternating L/R step ups, Irkins, Dirkins – 20 each, then 15, then 10, then 5. (yes Nature Boy – i know we already did that once)

Back to the pickle – find a partner and then a round of Dora – P1 exercise, P2 run the pickle (100 merkins, 200 LBC, 300 squats)

Next over to the tennis courts. BTTW while we waited for everyone to show up. Followed by P1 peoples chair, P2 suicide – flap jack – 3x each.

Time getting tight – so 2 lines – Indian Run back to the front parking lot.
20 Freddy Mercury’s for good measure and that was it.

Announcements – Convergence – May 6, Refinery – traveling to Bond this Wednesday – post SNS, Vesper, Tortoises
Prayers – Yogi’s new job
YHC took us out.

Really enjoyed today – thanks all for coming out and letting me lead.

11 thoughts on “Great weather, Great crew, Great site, No Nantan, No site Q, oh what to do….

  1. Callahan

    “Nature Man”, eh? Couldn’t be a little more creative this morning? Now I see what happens when I don’t post. Lemme guess, the other FNG, Mississippi…he’s from Mississippi, no?


  2. Termpaper

    The beauty of it was that Mississippi didn’t know how he got his name. That was second only to Nature Man flexing his guns to Nature Boy upon being named.


  3. Termpaper

    Franklin was doing extended plank work and during 6 inch hold, “David” was called on for a 10 count, to which he proceeded to pull the d#ck move of 1 Mississippi, 2 mississippi etc


    • Callahan

      HAHAHA!!! That’s very funny! To whomever suggested that name, just know that I have always looked up to you and want to be like you when I grow up.


  4. Shut-In

    I think you guys nailed it with the Mississippi name. Lovin’ it hahaha! I also love how Ma and Calli weren’t there and dogged you guys on creativity.

    Brothers, you gotta post to be able to speak…don’t you know that!? No Monday afternoon quarterbacking. Don’t say if you were there it’d be different. Just be there, bruhs.


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