Round 2 of Double Q

Having rid myself of negative feelings at Round 1 of Double Q regarding the cheaters…no, moving on; they know what they did…a much kindler, gentler Ma Bell showed up to Q round 2. Maybe it was just the sweltering heat that drained YHC of all energy after a mentally exhausting day at work; we’ll never know. 6 strong, aaaaaand let’s roll.

Jog over to the parking lot and up the stairs to the top of the parking deck for some assorted warm-up exercises that honestly escape me…cause I was literally making it all up as I went along. But I’m sure there were merkins, SSH, and burpees in there. Halfway in to the SSHs look who decided to show up – Riptide. Dammit, he found us. Next time, plank hold in those bushes over there. But, hey, lucky 7 strong now.

Jog to the other end of the parking deck and down the other stairs, pausing to open the door to make sure the elevator was still there. Man it felt nice and cool down there, but the plan did not include loitering in the parking deck, so up across the Herb Young center saying hello to arriving Yoga participants (but not in a creepy Burt way) up the stairs to the street and north on Academy to Kingswood Elementary School, stopping at various intersections for planks and merkins and sech.

Once there, jog over to the big boy playground, split into 2 groups. G1 does 10 pull-ups and 10 hanging leg lifts while G2 does 10 burpees and 10 merkins, then flap jack. Jog past the balance beam that one dark morning long ago rose up and grabbed Ma Bell’s leg and over to the baseball/softball/kickball field. Each man call an exercise for the rest of the PAX to perform AMRAP while running the bases. Braveheart called burpees. Quick learner that young man. Cycle through each man twice then jog back past the possessed balance beam back to the big boy playground for a repeat of the pull-up / hanging leg lift / burpee / merkin set done earlier. Up the ramp to the hardtop playground, everyone pick a foursquare court and get in it. While in your court, perform 5 called reps IC of an exercise called by man at the near court, then everyone bear crawl counter-clockwise to the next court. Next man in the near court calls and counts another exercise. Repeato until 1st man is back at the near court. Time to head back to base.

Jog back out to Academy and back toward Town Hall, stopping at various intersections for planks and merkins and LBCs. Over to the pocket park for a round of Mary. That’ll do ‘er, boys.


Count-a-rama: 7, thanks to Riptide crashing the party
Name-a-rama: 1 Hate, 3 Mehs, 3 RESPECTs
Announcements: Phoenix moved to 0630 this Saturday; all are invited to FUMC Men’s breakfast following to hear Banjo’s nephew speak on Young Life; The Gear is grinding again Saturday, leaving from Thomas Brooks Park at 0700; Churham/CarPEX convergence 6 May; picnic the same day
Prayers: Shutty / Open Out’s Uncle, Sputnik’s M
BOM: Ma Bell took us out


  • Kudos to Pet Sounds for posting to both Ma Bell’s Qs today
  • It was an honor to lead you gentlemen
  • Term Paper and Braveheart strolled up at 5:44:30 like a boss, like it was planned that way, like “what are y’all looking at?”
  • Why does the pocket park look so much smaller during the day than when it’s dark?
  • That’s what SHE said.
  • 7 sets the bar for Rush Hour. Keep it going, guys. I maintain that downtown is one of the most diverse, best places to work out in all of Cary

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