Flirtin' With Disaster

Early recovery from a late night basketball game

I pulled into FWD this morning – a little worse for the wear after a late night basketball game. I did a few donuts around the mini-pickle as I pulled in – partially to scare Hermes and Blue and Out and partially to wake myself up.

8 hearty souls made the trek this morning and were anxious to get after it – in the beautiful weather. (As a sidenote, Largemouth gave me a HC yesterday…. where do you think he was)

Oh well, run over to the big circle for a warm up.
15- GM, 15- Hillbilly, 20 – SSH, Sir Fazio – 10 each way – with some random number of overhead claps mixed in during the change in direction – the overhead claps were in recognition of Term Paper’s Tar Heels.

And we are off – down the trail toward the bridge, but wait – hard right onto the greenway and suddenly we are out of the park. Up the hill to the stop sign. Squat hold and wait for the six and then we are off again – Take a couple of rights and work your way through the neighborhood and back to the park – a nice solid 1 mile warm up loop before

The Thang
T-20- Travoltas – 10 each arm
A -1- Air Chair – 5 count around the circle
R-18- Reverse Crunch
H – 8- Hydraulic Squats
E – 1 Set of Elevens (Squats/Merkins)
E – 1- Empty Wheelbarrow across parking lot
L- 12- LBCs
S-10- Star Jumps
Total of 71 exercises – for the 71 points scored by the Tarheels

Then back to the starting point and yes – we still have some time.
Quickly now

G -7 – Goofball
O- 15- Outlaw – 8 one way, 7 the other
N -14- Nolan Ryan –
Z-20- Zebra Butt-Kicks – 10 each leg
A-1- Abe Vigoda –
G – 7 – Gas Pump –
A – 1 – American Hammer
Total of 65 exercises for the 65 points scored by the Gonzaga Bulldogs – also roughly the number of fouls called in the game.

Quick Mary dealers choice
Ollie – Scuba Budha x15, Smokey – Freddy Mercury x20, Callahan – Hello Dolly (shocker) x 15

Announcements – upcoming convergence and picnic – May 6
Prayers – return travel for YHC son en route from Phoenix

YHC took us out.

Enjoyed the small group this morning. Thanks for letting me lead.

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