Low tempo but hard work

17 gathered outside the gate and no FNGs in site, so off to the very 1st parking lot on right for warm up.

Warm Up
SSH x 15
GM x 10
IW x 15
Sir Fazio x 15
Merkins x 56

Mozy to Power line hill and gather at the bottom for 21’s of Plankjacks and LBCs
Fairly early audible to skip odd numbers
LBCs at bottom of hill while we wait for all PAX to finish up

Greenway mozy to shelter
Dips x 30
Irkins IC x 15
Derkins IC x 10

Lineup along parking lot curbs
bear crawl across lot and crawl bear back doing increasing irkins and decreasing derkins respectively at the curbs (7’s)

Indian run to top lot

Maktar N’dyiae x 15

Carpex picnic at Bond Park on may 6
Uhaul loading party for Pergo this Thursday. Check groupme for details

Prayer concerns
Papa Smurf from ENC, who may only have about 6 months left

I expected a small crowd with the launch of Kryptonite, but 17 of us wanted the extra 15 minutes of sleep and less miles.
Thanks for all of the birthday wishes
Franklin was calling for 56 GM and I was tempted
56 merkins was pretty tough
Next time I call 21s, the running part needs to be a lot shorter. maybe the length of a tennis court. Its a long way up that hill
The audible to only count even numbers led to confusion. If you do 14 plankjacks, do you do 6, 7 or 8 lbcs?
Bartman called for the LBCs to add up to 21 and that made sense to me, but I didn’t convey this well.
Nature Boy mentioned that there was a basketball game tonight. I may have to record it, because 9:20 is way past this old man’s bedtime
The bear crawl/crawl bear curb merkins was pretty darn hard. I intend to try this again, but need to find curbs that are closer together (kind of like the 21s).
I had a lot more planned, but my clock management was inferior this morning.
Great work this morning Pet Sounds, I mean Angry Elf.
Always an honor to lead

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