Danger Zone

It’s Raining. No, it’s not.

Danger Zone welcomed us with a deluge as March was determined to go out like a lion. If you don’t get that reference, look it up. I’ll wait…Anyway, YHC’s grand, beast-like plans were thwarted. Yeah, we could have run around the pickle and rolled around in it with some Superman – Bananas, but nah.


Jog up and around by the basketball court and into the shelter. Perform a little Hot Spot-esque feng shui (again, I’ll wait…) with the tables to make room for the Thang. In the mean time circle/huddle up for some SSH, GM, Merkins (and probably some other stuff; I can’t remember). Now, time for:

The Thang

Pair up for accountability and fellowship purposes. Neither size, speed, nor strength matters. Individually perform 75 of the following exercises (in no particular order):

  • Alt L/R Step-Ups
  • Merkins
  • Irkins
  • Derkins
  • Dying Cockroaches
  • Burpees
  • Box Jumps
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • And probably some other stuff; I can’t remember

At a couple of points (since the deluge had turned into a sprinkle by this point), stop what you’re doing and run a lap around the pickle before resuming. On the last one, stop by the shovel flag. Oh wait, there is no shovel flag. Oh wait, Flip Flop forgot his stuff. Let’s run back down to the shelter to get Flip Flop’s stuff. Oh wait, Angry Elf is still in there with his weight vest doing squats. In the dark. By himself. To retrieve Angry Elf is the real reason we went back to the shelter. Yeah…that’s the ticket .


Count-a-rama: 14
Name-a-rama: good mix of hates, mehs, and RESPECTs. One FNG (Spock)
Announcements: Daaaaaa Bull; Churham/CarPEX convergence AND CarPEX picnic on May 6th
Prayers: several spoken and unspoken
BOM: YHC took us out


  • The mini-weinke where I had the exercises hastily written down before YHC left home did us no good. That shelter is as dark as a dungeon way down in the mine.
  • Halfway through, Burt spots Jiggly Puff and his partner doing partner derkins. Bruh. Q ain’t said nothin’ ’bout no parnter derkins
  • Some mumble chatter about #brownops ensued
  • I feel sorry for Largemouth being a single parent at Danger Zone and all.
  • And with his site Q wife just around the corner too
  • Riptide ripped on the Nan’tan for not speaking loudly enough when it was time to run the pickle. He heard me next time. Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?
  • FNG Spock is from NJ? You from joisey? I’m from joisey!
  • Biner is from Joisey! What exit?
  • Joe Piscopo is from Joisey (look it up. I mean, hell, Google is still up on the other tab)
  • How many classic SNL references can you spot in this BB?

’twas an honor gentlemen. Thanks for following and being great example to me and your fellow PAX

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