Phoenix closed? Nah…

5 surly scavengers posted at Phoenix, despite the site being closed. There were rumblings on the twitter machine Friday night, with a PAX wondering whether there might be others posting in the morn. Another PAX threw a royal hissy-fit like a 3-year-old whose ice cream cone was just crapped on by a seagull at the beach. Just wipe it off bro, it’s still good.

Even though Mister Pissy-Pants decided to fartsack, the other three PAX communicating via twitter showed up to do some work. Two other PAX, oblivious to the back-and-forth on social media, showed up to create a nickel-PAX.

YHC and Hermes chose to split the Q, with Hermes kicking us off.


Jog to the kiosk and circle up for some SSH, Good mornings, Hillbillies, and Sumo squats. After that, we were ready for…


Jog over to the bottom of the dam steps. Hermes calls for Inflating Blimps – 5 Burpees at the top of the steps, then run down and do 5 burpees, 10 LBCs, then run back up for 5 burpees, 10 LBCs, 15 Imperial Walkers, and so on and so forth, doing Merkins, PlankJacks, and Star Jumps to complete the inflation. This thoroughly blew.

Recover on the Indian Run to the boathouse and…HEY!! It’s Brussels out for a morning run! Except no one recognized him without his glasses. He joined the party for the remainder of the beatdown, which was perfect because Hermes had some partner work lined up. Once at the boathouse, partner up for 200 calf-raises as a team (one guy runs a loop, other guy does exercise) and 200 sumo squats.

Boom – Cally’s turn. Let’s keep with the partner stuff with one guy running and the other guy doing an exercise. First up, Balls to the Wall, flapjack, and then repeato. Same thing with People’s Chair for 2 rounds, then American Hammers for two rounds. Let’s boogie.

On the way over to the community center, Brussels hangs a left at the kiosk to head to the house. The rest of us found a healthy rock pile and picked ourselves a bigg’un. Circle up for Curls, Triceps, Presses, and Rows x10 in cadence for each. Put ’em back, then head back to the cars for dealer’s choice…


Freddy Mercuries
6″ leg hold
Windshield wipers


Count-o-rama: 5(ish)
Name-o-rama: Still 5(ish) – 1 RESPECT, 1 hate, 3(ish) meh
Announcements: The Bu…never mind.
Prayer Requests: Various sicknesses, Aristocrat will be traveling a bunch in the next month or so – prayers his wife doesn’t kill him.

Before we closed out, each guy shared an embarrassing/dumbness story. Good times!


  • Hey, Mr. Pissy-Pants, we missed you terribly. Would have been nice to see you.
  • YHC knew that with how aggressive you were being on the twitters, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in the fieriest part of hell that you were gunna show up. Good job by you.
  • #didyoudotheBull?
  • No. No we didn’t.

T’was a pleasure, gentlemen. The Phoenix is undefeated. See you in the gloom.


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