Bradford's Ordinary

Ring Around the Fountain

A bold PAX of 25 posted this AM. As Coxswain came cruising in at 05:44:59, the PAX proceeded to the newly erected Town of Cary downtown park fountain and circled up around the fountain. The men were blown away at its beauty and the Q drowned out by its constant flow of running water.

20 Merkins
10 Good Mornings
20 Side straddle hops
The roar of the fountain was so intense that the Q had to audible off of his invisible wenke and ordered the PAX to Academy street for an Indian Run/Hunt for the rock pile.

The Thing:
The PAX grabbed their favorite non-traveling rock and headed to the church parking lot.
20 tricep extensions
Run to the portico and back
20 curls
Run to the portico and back
20 shoulder extensions
By this time the whining of the PAX was heeded to and we lunge walked across the parking lot with rock extended over head roughly 100 ft.
20 rock rows
Lunge walk 100ft back to other side of parking lot
20 curls
Run to the portico and back

Return rocks and mosey back to the flag.

We combined Mary and Dora into a perfect combo of 100 Low Slow Flutters, 200 JLo’s, 300 LBC’s while partner ran to flag at top of hill for 5 celebratory burpees

All 25 PAX survived despite mentions of B.O. becoming a high tempo workout…

4/1 – The Bull
4/1 – Whiplash 90 minute workout with Michelob
4/3 – ***New Site*** Kryptonite 5:30 at Koka Booth (A-Team is still on as scheduled)
5/6 – Convergence in the morning with Churham
5/6 – 2pm 2ndF Family cookout

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