Thinking Back, Looking Forward

Milestone birthday this week leads me to thinking back through the years, and about the important people who have been and will continue to be involved in my life.  22 PAX started the week off right at A-team this morning for a workout based around this theme.


  • Fellowship jog to front parking lot
  • 49 SSH ID (because not yet)
  • 20 MC IC
  • 20 Diamond Merkins
  • 20 IW IC (with a little Hillbilly thrown in)
  • Small group (3-4) Indian run to the back of the park
  • Plank it out with some Shakira hip dips while everyone arrives

The Thang

Mosey to the Large Shelter where several copies of the alphabet, along with an exercise for each letter, were scattered across the picnic tables.  Within your group, each PAX chooses a name (or names) of someone important in their life.  The group then spells out that name, doing the corresponding exercise for each letter.  When done with each name, do 1 loop around the parking lot, then next PAX chooses a name.  Continue until times is up.

Indian Run back to front parking lot.

Quick Mary as we are almost out of time

25 Freddy Mercs, IC

25 LBCs, IC


  • New Carpex high-intensity boot camp workout starting on Mondays
    • 5:30am at Koka Booth
    • Launch date: 4/3/17
    • Fluoride and Pet Sounds are the site Qs.  Watch your email, Twitter, etc, for details
  • Several events happening on this weekend:
    • Saturday:  The Bull, 90-minute Whiplash, Umstead 100 miler (I hope to get back there one of these days)
    • Sunday:  Raleigh Rock ‘n’ Roll half, YHC Bday gathering at Southern Peak Brewery (1:30pm)


  • Praise for Hotspot’s Dad about to celebrate his 80th bday
  • Prayers for Hotspot’s wife and her upcoming surgery
  • Prayers for Chinese Downhill’s Dad as he begins grief counseling
  • Praise for the positive impact of the Break The Silence 5k Run/Walk this past weekend

YHC took us out.

Hope you all enjoyed the “off the script” workout.  I stressed about how it would flow.  We didn’t get as many names in as I thought we would, but hopefully it had some meaning for you as it did for me.

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