Bradford's Ordinary

The Old Stomping Ground

YHC gets a bit giddy for a Q at BO. Afterall, it is the very finest AO in CARPex and may well be in the great state of North Carolina. It also has the best site Q’s and site Q emeriti. There really isn’t much negative you can find in this gem and the men that come to this hallowed ground know it. Its been a while since the Ripper has Q’d, as he has allowed the other men to led the PAX here more recently. But it was time to do it again and with that came some jubilation. As far as the actual workout planning, well, that was a no brainer. Deck and sticks, simple as that.

Head to the bank for warm up. Shutty took pics. Head to deck and get yourself a partner and a pain stick. P1 head up ramp with your 40 lb friend and lungewalk while you do it. Halfway and run the rest of the way, then 20 merkens at top and back down. P2 does boxcutter and lbc. Flapjack. No do it again this time with star jumps at top and dying cockroach and hammers. Flapjack. Leave sticks and with your partner sprint up each ramp and mosey around to next ramp. Convene at top. Plankhold around the horn x 10. Mosey back down stairs and over to sticks for pain stick stairwell suicides. up each level and back down until up the 3 levels and down. P2 does merkens. Flapjack. Only had time for one of these each. Return sticks to their home. Mosey back to start. Some adequate mary and COT.

NM: Burt was especially on fire this am, really brought the group up.
YHC hadn’t seen McCants in a while and it was good to see him. Coney overslept. BO ruled again.

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