Field of Dreams

Shoulder day

YHC doesn’t make it out to the Field of Dream AO all that much. Bit of a drive and YHC has taken to the option of the post work Rush Hour AO option in the previous months. Still, its always good to see the men of West Cary and Apex and occasionally Ma Bell if he shows (he didn’t). But lets not start calling out our esteemed Nan’Tan here. No way. Franky had a big 7 pack last week so he skipped as well. No matter, with several police cars scanning the area as we rolled in, anticipation was high.

Mosey down to lower lot. Circle up. 10x GM’s, 10x IW’s, 10 mtn climbers, 10 wide arm merkens. 10 cotton pickers.

Partner up. P1 does bearcrawl halfway across lot and crawlbear the rest. Karaoke back. P2 boxcutters and flapjack. Do this again or repeato. P1 runs around lot then on 2nd lap does lungewalk and runs back. P2 does dying cockroach. Flapjack and repeato. 10 count plank around the circle.

Mosey to baseball on top lot. P1 hops all stairs x 4. P2 6 inch leghold. Flapjack and repeato with hammers. 10 count plank around the circle. Mosey to basketball court. 4 stations for time on each including merkens, dips, peoples chair and balls to the wall. Each man did 2 full circuits. Time for some mary by several men and out.


NM: YHC wasn’t feeling well. Cally likes duckbutter. Look it up. He doesn’t shower often evidently. Great group this am. Proud to lead.

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