All Clear

Nary a pax in sight. YHC covered about 4.5 Miles, stretched, took us out, and recovered the Flag.

Announcements. THE BULL April 1 in Durham, CARPEX cookout BOND PARK May 6th

Prayer concerns.  Nickleback and family. NB’s father passed away unexpectedly Monday.

NMS.  After 7 pack last week,  it was a nice change of pace and YHC ventured into some uncharted territory.

3 thoughts on “All Clear

  1. Termpaper

    I had intentions of getting there but felt a little off today and 102 temp when I got home at 5. Sorry to those around me today


  2. Old Maid

    Man what is it about Rush Hour that beats the PAX down? Heal up quick Term. Sorry I couldn’t get there in time Banjo. Ran around East Raleigh, dodging murderers (sheesh).


  3. BanjoTom

    Heel quickly TP. It was really nice to go on a leisurely jog at my own pace with no time commitment. It has been my plan should there be a time when no one shows


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