Flirtin' With Disaster

Worst weather

33 and a steady and times hard rain. This is the definition of gloom and is not generally tolerated well by the PAX that show up. YHC has done it all, super cold to super hot and 33 and rain with steady wind is the worst. Still duty called and a commitment is a commitment. With a new AO that commands support, there was no way YHC was backing out of this Q. So with that, the brave men stepped out of their warm houses and braved some fierce weather.

Largemouth, Cally, Chanticleer, Freebird, Banjo answered the call. Not one that many others would make. Very impressive gents. T Claps even. Hell, Cally sounded like he should have been in bed with his bad cold but damned if wasn’t out there in those ugly elements. Our cobbler extraordinaire. With that the men were off.

Fast mosey to the small shelter for standard warmup. 6 stations. Dips, derkens, irkens, l/r step ups and mary of choice. 30 seconds each 2 times through. Fast mosey through the cold monsoon up to shopping center and hold under overhang. Partner up. P1 bearcrawl 50 yards and sprint back. 2x through. P2 does boxcutters. Flapjack. Jog up to grocery store and back. 50 yards of lungewalk and back. 2x through. P2 does 6 inch leg hold. Flapjack. Jog to grocery store and back. Gorilla hop up and back. P2 up and down stairs. Fast mosey back to shelter for more dips and irkens. Mary was dealers choice.

COT and prayers.

NM: This morning showed me some men with some real balls. Seriously, say what you want about 10 degree weather (been there) for F3 but this one is the worst and one that YHC could understandably see no PAX posting. This is what F3 is all about. Being there for each other when shit is bad to get better together. Very impressive. Thanks for the company men.

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