Hermesversary Week Part 1 of 2

24 PAX, YHC forgot one in the list, thanks to Term Paper for the assist!

On this date in 1781 the British astronomer William Herschel discovered … well you had to be there. Remind me to ask Sky Blue about this British discovery. I don’t guess I knew it was that old. Seems like you would need a good telescope to be able to see it from that distance.

Cheddar Bo was once again late for the workout, which required a long jog to warm up. Franklin pointed out that it would be appropriate to go all the way in to the park to celebrate the 236th anniversary of the discovery of… Fortunately, Pet Sounds had done a 3 mile EC around the lake and had already gone all the way in to the park in advance of all the PAX.

The warm up:
Run “all the way in” to the end of the pickle
– 52 SSH to commemorate the 52nd week of Hermes joining F3.
– Some Hillbillies
– Some good mornings
– Some Sir Farzio Arm Circles and Circles Arm Farzio Sirs

To celebrate we partnered up, not like last week fellas. Don’t worry.
P1 – begin bear crawling around the pickle
P2 – run the other way around the pickle
15 partner merkins when you meet. Flapjack and repeato.
P1 – begin lunge walking around the pickle
P2 – run the other way around the pickle
10 partner merkins when you meet. Flapjack and repeato.
Run to basketball court
P1 – Suicides
P2 – Peoples Chair
P1 – Suicides
P2 – BTW
Get a rock and get into a circle
Rock V-ups (okay, yes, my rock was the smallest).
Shift down three rocks
Curls, move down 3 rocks
Tricep Extensions, move down three rocks
Rock rows, move down 3 rocks
Squat presses, move down three rocks
Jog to the Cheddar Bo absent COT Parking Lot
Count o rama – 24
Name o rama
Purpose and overview of F3 – Franklin “I am afraid to quit coming out” Aye!
Announcements – The Bull hosted by Churham, 4/1 6a-10a, location TBD
There is a charity NCAA tourney pool for the Carpex F3 group. Check your email/twitter for details.
Prayer Requests – Billy’s speedy recovery
YHC took us out.

Nice work on the EC Pet Sounds – put it out on the twitter next time and maybe you’ll get some company
It looked like Angry Elf was going to fly away during our SSH
I felt like I had a shadow during the Sir Farzios for a minute…. however the hair in the shadow was much more impressive
I know Old Maid and Hot Spot were so bored last night they checked the google after my pre-blast tweet
It was good to workout under the full cover of night again, by the light of a Full Moon.. I was about to have to breakout the sunglasses as the workouts were getting to bright last week.
It’s always good to partner with Burt – he is so encouraging!
I think we went way past a line of appropriate partner intimacy at A-team last week, hopefully this was a little more comfortable for the PAX.
It was good to see Bartman again this morning!
This probably should have been a NCAA tourney theme, however my alma mater chose not to participate this year. So I won’t either.
Did you see that the NIT has Syracuse and UNCG playing in the opening round!

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