Buzzer-beater, that went into overtime

YHC was more than a little anxious to deliver a good Q at Phoenix, after having been on the DL for a few days.  Overplanned it, but had a good time with the Men of Carpex.  Glad to see some of the park in the daylight, hope to cover some of that ground again.


  • GM x 15 IC
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Hillbilly x15 IC
  • Imperial Walker x15 IC (yes, I know you were already in position, but we want to make sure everyone’s recovering and warming up gently, right?)
  • Standard Merkin x 20 IC
  • Dirty Bird x 10 or so IC

and because the PAX were complaining “what next, that stupid hacky sack thing?”

  • Hacky Sack x 5 IC (yes, you will see these when I Q)

Start of the Thang:

Run to top of hill to kiosk

  • Lunge walk halfway down, walk lunge the rest, plank hold at bottom
  • Bear crawl half up, crawl bear remainder

Run to community center

  • Mucho Chesto one round of 10 each IC and/or OMD (regular, diamond, wide, offset left, offset right)
  • Run a lap around the lot between each set

Run to Pine Cone Trail for a bit

  • 100 squats

Run some more on the Pine Cone Trail

  • 100 LBCs

Run a little longer on the Pine Cone Trail, detour to the parking lot

  • 100 flutter kicks (50 each leg)

FInish up the Pine Cone Trail until we hit pavement again

  • 100 lunges (50 each leg)

Run to junction of greenways by lake

  • 20 Irkins IC
  • break the fence
  • 20 Derkins IC

Run to the dock and partner up

  • Lazy Dora (100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Squats)

Run to the rockpile by the spillway, get a big’un

  • Rock your body in cadence x 10

Run back to the field, and lo and behold, there’s Term Paper!

  • Called in reinforcements for Burt to lead us through some Jack Webbs (10 and 15 count merkins made for 40 and 60 count reaches…ouch)

Running outta time…up and over the hill, back to the lot for a quick Mary

  • Plank Jack x 20
  • Makhtar Ndiaye x 10 #crowdpleaser

2.8 miles covered by the pax, nice job all!



The Mule 4/1.  Sign up.


Lots of prayers today…Burt’s brother in-law, Khaki’s 2.0, CD’s M, Billy’s knee, Biner’s M, Levi’s upcoming 5k, others I missed


YHC’s had a rough week.  All excited about trying something new for Vesper, I scouted out some real estate on SNS and Phoenix’s home turf before Rush Hour EC Tuesday.  Then Banjo unleashed the 21-gun salute on me as we tortured ourselves with the pain sticks, only to have Term Paper Q a run-heavy Rush Hour.  I slid into home plate out of gas, and it only got worse.

Awoke at 11:45 Tuesday night sure I was having a stroke.  Spent all of Wednesday in bed.  Thursday morning trip to the doc, to be told I had a bad virus, not the flu, but a virus nonetheless.  A-HA!  Glad to know that.  It sucks to be sick, but I am blessed that it was temporary, and know there are many more with much worse issues, so SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!

A few notes:

  • YHC really likes Bond Park.  There’s a lot to do and see there.  Only wish I executed as well as I plan.
  • Friday HH at BB was a treat.  Brought the M and one of the 2.0s for some 2nd F with Carman and Michael.  My M said they were true gentlemen. <snerk>
  • Burt can set the tone for a workout.  I was thrilled to see him coming in with the hat on and locked.  When he broke out the boom box, it was game on.
  • The hacky sack may not be a crowd favorite, but I did see at least a few of the Pax embrace it Saturday.
  • We gave the 5k organizers quite a show.  Not sure they’ve seen that many grown men bear crawling on the hill.
  • Ollie…”Are we going all the way up?” note to self…don’t make Ollie mad.  Those last few feet of crawl bears did a number on the shoulders.
  • The pax did not like YHC’s on my down count on the merkins.  Vector Victor taught me that.  Except he was mean about it.
  • The Boy Scout in me can’t help but Leave No Trace.  #fireballcominatya
  • That was a mighty nice bit of sun we got over there doing LBC’s.  Enjoyed the comfort of the leaves.
  • So, the lunge walks would’ve been a better idea.  We’ll do that instead next time.
  • QOTD: “Are we still in Cary?”
  • YHC tried to disperse the load on the fence, 5 here, 5 there.  Oops, y’all were just working too hard I guess to tear down that border wall.
  • “What makes this a Lazy Dora?”…we’re not running, I guess that’s what
  • Must be something about the start of DST…there were clock misfires all over the place Saturday.  Burt posted real early, and had time to fartsack before the official start.  Not sure what happened to Term Paper, but glad he found us!
  • Thanks for letting me run over a few minutes.  Really enjoyed all 3 Fs today.