Dante's Peak

No sloth in Apex this day

18 Men met in the diminishing gloom one last time before DST puts us back into the Dark Ages

20 Hillbillies IC
10 Pikes IC/Side
15 Hackey Sacks IC
15 King David TT IC
10 Merkins OMD
Burpee Count Off – 18

To Frog Pond
Group up in 3s, Size matters
Catch me if you can – Wheelbarrow Style
P1 Sprint the loop
P2 Wheelbarrower
P3 Wheelbarrowee Rotate 2x each
Catch me if you can – Partner Carry Style 1 rotation

To the Ampitheater
15x Burpee Box Jumps OMD
15x Alt L/R Step up IC
Derkin Progression (5 OMD, moving hands back each time, 4 sets)

Out to Evans Road
15 Swiss Merkins

Halfway back
10 Swiss Merkins with Hip Dip (Shakira)
10 Shakiras each side

To Basketball Court
10 x High Slow Flutter
10 x Australian Mountain Climber

To the Well Lit Soccer Field
20 BC IC
10 Box Cutters IC
10 x Plank and Knee to elbows (The “Yes!”?)
10 x All Stars
Hamstring Stretch L/R
Piriformis stretch L/R
High Calf Stretch
Low Calf Stretch
Upward Dog
Downward Dog
10 Merkins cuz this is F3!

The Bull
Come to Tortises, though Yogi says that’s a Prayer request, too.

Prayer Requests
Continued Recovery for M ‘Biner

Naked Moleskin
Strong Group. It’s great to see such a mix of the old and the new. It’s a pleasure as always to lead.
Rotary – You’re a beast on the partner carries! I won’t even repeat what Yogi said while lugging me. SMH.
I hope you guys liked the stretching at the end. It always feels great for me.

A little 3rd F, cuz it’s Lent and stuff
Because my usual compatriots abandoned me for my run in and out, I had a little time to reflect on my way home. Some of you guys have some chuckles at my closing prayer, especially at the word “Sloth”. That’s great, because you always remember it, and that’s a start. It’s really a beautiful prayer first written by Saint Ephrem in the 4th Century for recitation during Lent. The essence of the prayer is wonderful. Look at yourself, take away the bad things and replace them with good ones. Here are my own reflections on everyone’s favorite portion, Sloth.

When a man thinks of Sloth, he thinks of laziness. That is not the only form of sloth we must strive against. Fartsacking is not the only way sloth manifests itself. Sloth is going to your knees on a merkin when you have more in the tank, yes. But you have not conquered Sloth just by showing up at an AO. Sloth is when a man centers in himself instead of being centered in Him. We were made in His image to do His work. Avoiding doing His work has many forms, and all are Sloth. Sloth is laziness, yes, but sloth is cowardice and selfishness, too.

How so? If a man takes the easy path instead the right one, this is Sloth. Sloth is giving in to your 2.0s because it’s easier than being the ”Mean Parent”. Sloth is lying to your M because it’s easier than telling the truth, or to avoid an argument (Though, those pants DO look great if she asks, you don’t have to take that one on). Sloth is not helping that elderly person load groceries in the parking lot because there is a game on soon and you need to get home. Sloth is not standing up for the aggrieved for a wrong committed in your presence. Sloth is everywhere in our lives, and we all succumb to it at times. That doesn’t make us bad, it makes us Human. Not trying to minimize it in our lives, that is well… Sloth.

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