Danger Zone

Need to push it in anticipation of too much basketball watching

Q: Franklin
So – who decided we always needed to run some before the warm up – not this Q.
Promptly at 05:45 (right as flip flop and Permit mosey across the street)- Circle up, warm up, GM – starting position move, IC – Exercise
Warm up
15 – GM, 15– hillbilly – 20 – SSH, 20 – MC, Sir Fazio – 10 each way
Mumblechatter at a high pace early – mostly Burt, Riptide and Flip Flop – but that will change soon

After warm up, run out of park, around the corner and to second park entrance – Large asked me on the run if i was bringing back #caryrunclub – alas, not today

Squat hold at second park entrance until 6 arrives – and then partner up for

Hill BOMBS- P1 run to bottom of hill and back up while P2 does exercise
50 – burpees, 100 – overhead claps, 150 – merkins, 200 – big boy sit ups, 250 – Squats – cumulative as a partner team
There was a surprising lack of chatter from this point forward – however, lots of encouragement as we struggled up the hill time and time again.

Plank hold when you are done.

When all have completed – backward run down the hill (still the only way YHC can beat Largemouth in a race)
Side shuffle over to the bridge
Lunge walk the bridge
Up the hill to the small wall – 20 4 count Dips OYO then
Run up stairs – squat hold at the top
Wait for 6 and then up remaining stairs and through nature path back through playground and back to parking lot
A couple minutes left for
Mary – Freddy Merc x20,

Announcements – something about Hermes wanting volunteers, Coney mentioned that the respect bus for Sarasota was about to leave
Prayers – many today – 27 years of marriage for Coney, Smokey’s 2.0 sitting for masters exam, Burts b-in-law John, and surgeries for two who weren’t here today – Khaki’s daughter and Billy

Beautiful morning, Great group of men. Missed the elusive site Q, Callahan but was happy to have the reliable Large Mouth
Thanks all

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