Four Corners

Q: Term Paper

YHC arrives at Rush Hour a few minutes early to limber up his creaky body while waiting for the EC boys to arrive. Banjo and Old Maid emerge from the parking deck and we are off

Warm Up
SSH x 15
GE x 8
MC x 15

The Thang
Mozy through downtown Cary periodically stopping for a set of 4 Corners, alternating between

5 burpees
10 left/right lunges
15 merkins
20 squats
10 double merkin burpees
15 reverse lunges
20 wide grip merkins
25 jump squats

Stops at
First United Methodist parking lot
Walker St lot
The new Downtown Park
Heater Park
First Baptist lot
Town Hall lot

Makhtar N’Diaye x15

Prayer Concerns
Amanda, pastor at First United Methodist Apex whose 3 month old had a growth removed from his brain. No pathology yet
Resisting temptation (follow up from last weeks Refinery)

Lots of Q’s to log in order to qualify for the Carpex Leadership Challenge, and first step was to knock out Rush Hour. It is nice change of pace to work out with a small group and have some conversation with the Pax.
4 corners seemed like a good theme for the start of the ACC tourney
2.75 miles, 45 burpees, 75 lunges, 105 merkins and 135 squats and I was worn out
Major props to Old Maid (and minor to Banjo), who did recon 6 mile at run for Vesper along with EC led by Banjo
Old Maid teased about Vesper relay that would generally keep both groups together, but apparently the triple down was too much for him. get better brother
Under Banjo’s encouragement we trespassed into Downtown Cary Park (hopefully they get a better name eventually), which will likely be a standard stop for BO and Rush Hour. Great place for irkins, derkins and dips, as well as bear crawls etc. It wasn’t great for 4 corners, so we modified to 4 points of the compass
Highlight of the workout awaited us at Heater Park. Banjo’s eagle eye identified Angry Elf who strolled up to chat while we caught our breath. 2.0 Luke arrived a moment later and joined us for a round of 4 corners. At the last corner, 3 or 4 of his mates wanted in on the fun and we all did jump squats together. As we headed off to the next stop, the 2.0 contingency continued working out (3 more laps per Angry Elf this morning)
After COT, there was a lot Cary CSAUP discussion, so if you want to be involved in the planning and want a vote in the decision making, let Banjo know so he can add you to the message group.
Always an honor.

One thought on “Four Corners

  1. BanjoTom

    Legs still wobbly and shoulders very sore following the Mule, so decided to face it head on. With no returns from last week’s EC, repeato. We carried pain, pain sticks for 21 flights. Top of each 3rd flight, dealers choice 15 cc ab: hammers, lbc, planks on pain stick (Reg, L, R), WWII, flutter kicks with butt on pain stick, 6″ leg hold, box cutters.


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