Brokeback Deliverance

The Mule can make a man do some crazy things. Things that may be beyond the norm, beyond his normal range. That is really what the Mule is about, heck CSAUP’s in general. Signing up to Q the day before and the day after the Mule was not one of YHC’s smarter moves. Actually it was done with no inspection of this past weekend being the Mule. Still, a commitment is a commitment and must be done and seen thru. Friday had to be light on the legs, Monday, well hell, let the madness ensue.

YHC keeps backblasts on his little computer that interest him. You see, its something of a game really. Others out there in the world of F3 coming up with some wild and crazy sh@t to have other men do all in the name of fitness. YHC had read a couple of BB’s recently that got the juices flowing. Maybe that is not the best description of those BB’s given our exercises we would perform, but you get the idea. YHC just had to figure when to bust them out, cuz it was going to happen sooner or latter. Post Mule seemed perfect and with Nantan in attendance. So with sore legs and a grin on his face, Riptide and his gang of men slithered into the darkness that is Apex Park for some fun.

Jog down the road to top of hill for 10x good mornings, 10 IW’s, 10 merks and 10 mtn climbers. Mosey on down hill to basketball court. Partner up. (looks matter).

  1. Brokeback Deliverance -partner filled exercises not seen before in the Cary and Apex regions. Partner 1 gets in the plank hold position. Partner 2 tells partner 1 that he “has a purty mouth”. Partner 2 lays down face up under P1’s ankles and proceeds to push up his ankles. 100 of these fine acts of brotherly work as a pair. Switch as needed (cuz its only fair that both men get their needs ((exercise)) met).  Next, P1 back in plank position as P2 grabs P1’s ankles (it was just as awesome as that sounds). P2 performs……well, performs man rows. No other way to say it. 200 of the finest man rows you have ever seen. switch when needed. Steam was rising off of that basketball court unlike YHC has seen in his 3+ years of F3. Sweat dripping, nay, glistening off the PAX as maximum effort was brought. Hearing Hermes call out his NINES has never resonated as much as did this crisp morn. Nearly brought a damned tear to my eye. Finally, as if each man could not take any more, the final step of the Brokeback Trinity was performed. Man Squats. P1 back in plank while P2 takes his now familiar spot at P2’s ankles and performs grunty squats with the weight of P1’s lower half. 200 of your finest boys. After this, the guys needed a cigarette and a few minutes. Too bad we didn’t have either.

The pax then mosey away from that now hallowed ground to the back of the lot. P1 performed 5 count plank and 1 merken while P2 did lunge walk and back. 2x each. Indian run to top of hills. 20 partderkens. Mosey to front lot for some Larry. Mary isn’t welcomed around Brokeback Mountain but Larry sure is. He has a moustache and likes to travel. We performed some Freddy Mercurys, and Homer to Barts and with that every man had seen a new dawn of F3. Boys the possibilities are endless, just be Freed to Leed.

COT and Ball of Man

NM: not sure there is much else to say. If you were there you felt it and may not be the same again. See you all in the gloom.



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