Shakin Not Stirred

40 Reps Mixed In to Kick Off Lent

It was another unseasonably warm morning, temp in the 50’s, clear.  It was Ash Wednesday. The EC runners rolled after 4ish miles.  EC boys included Callahan (had to scoot to shine his shoes and get ready for Refinery), Old Maid, Flip Flop, Shut-In and Hermes.  Nice work boys.

25 PAX.   16 for the Burt Boot Camp and 9 for the Running Option.

Shovel Flag planted, no Disclaimer read, Boom Box turned on to 80’s Rock.   Runners hit the road and the boot campers kicked it off with a warm up mosey to the courtyard. Grease carries the box.


Circle up.  40 Side Straddle Hops, Count Off, 16 Burbees,  15 mountain climbers, 15 good mornings, 15 IW’s.  Count 1’s and 2’s.


Head to the wall.   10 each:  Incline merkins, dips, decline merkins.  15 each:   Incline merkins, dips, decline merkins

Back to the circle.   15 flutter kicks, 15 American hammers and 15 something I can’t remember.

Bak to the wall.  20 each: Incline merkins, dips, decline merkins

Hit the road into the park.   Stop on the other side of the gate.

7’s:  Jump squats and plank jacks.  Between the light poles. When finished. Plank-a-rama with each PAX doing 5 merkins around the circle, all hold a plank.

Into the bowl.  Split into into 2 groups.   1’s up the hil with 5 double merkin burbees at the top. Called move at the bottom.  I have no idea what we did at the bottom for each of the trips up…but the moves were hard. Jump lunges?  2’s up the hill.   Repeat with 4 double jump burbees at the top.  Called moves at the bottom.   One more time up the hill with 3 regular burbees at the top.  Move at the bottom.

Ciorcle up.  The Jack Webb.  Merkins and 4 count arm raises.  1 to 10. Ending with 40 arm raises….just like we started.  40 for Lenten kick off.   Old Maid Joined from the run.

Back up the hill. No Billy (get well soon dude) no Billy Run.

Circle up,  Runners join.   Last move is a failed hacky sack x 5.

Runners went for 4 and 5 miles in two groups.  This running thang is working out nicely.


Prayers for Biner’s M.    YHC took us out with a Lenten message that focused on Lent being Heart Work….listen to our Hearts for the changes God is asking us to make.

Awesome work by all.  Great to lead such strong men.

Flip Flop sported the Burt Shirt.  Went un noticed by YHC until the COT.



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